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Best Ways to Know You’re Getting Legit Real Estate Agent Advice

This blog is for any real estate agents out there who have surrounded themselves with other real estate agents who love to give advice. We’ve already published a blog on how you should be careful about accepting advice. Now, we want to offer a blog about when to know if your getting legit real estate […]


homevalueleads Oct 16th, 2018

14 Things to Send Your Clients to Keep in Touch

As the name implies, at Home Value Leads we discuss a ton about how to find leads, lead generation, and putting leads into our sphere of influence. We’re also big on providing advice like whether you actually need SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or how much time you should spend on social media. But, we’re not […]


homevalueleads Oct 15th, 2018

Do Real Estate Agents Need Search Engine Optimization?

All real estate agents want to create the most effective website that they can. One of the measures of an effective real estate agent website is how often visitors leave their information. One way real estate agents can generate more leads through their websites is to employ search engine optimization. There’s a downside to SEO […]


homevalueleads Oct 11th, 2018

Maintain Sincerity and Make Beneficial Time Critical Decisions

For real estate agents, nothing beats sincerity. Home buyers and home sellers can see right through a real estate agent that isn’t sincere. Although sincerity is necessary to further relationships with buyers and sellers and to close deals, many times real estate agents misconstrue their time critical decisions as being insincere. Nothing can be further […]


homevalueleads Oct 10th, 2018

9 Questions your Real Estate Agent Should Be Asking You When Selling Your House

Please feel free to share this infographic on your website with our embed code below. A good real estate agent should get to know you and your house as much as possible, in order to develop a marketing and sales strategy that fits your needs. When meeting up with a Realtor, make sure some of their […]


homevalueleads Oct 9th, 2018

5 More Reasons Real Estate Agents Need Their Own Website

We’re a big believer in using social media to both advertise and build your brand. Social media is a powerful way to build relationships without forcing your real estate agent brand. Social media isn’t the best way to maintain and grow your real estate agent brand, though. The best way to do that is through […]


homevalueleads Oct 8th, 2018

5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need Their Own Website

One of our more popular blogs is about why real estate agents should advertise on social media. Advertising on social media allows agents to build and advertise their brands. But, social media is just a way to advertise their brands. Real estate agents must also have a home base for their brand’s online presence. A […]


homevalueleads Oct 6th, 2018

Real Estate Agent Advice: Don’t Go Independent at the Wrong Time

Timing is everything. Like the timing with your website. If you release your website without thinking of its effectiveness, you might find yourself backtracking to create an effective website. There is no bigger decision for a real estate agent then deciding to shed their real estate agent skins and become real estate agent brokers. Becoming […]


homevalueleads Oct 3rd, 2018

4 Ways to Meet Real Estate Agent Website Expectations

As a real estate agent, you know how important your personal website is. You also know when your website might do too much. Cluttered websites become ineffective websites. Although that’s true, the opposite can also occur. Bare websites and sites that don’t meet client expectations, can end up costing real estate agents as much if […]


homevalueleads Oct 2nd, 2018

Home Staging 101

When it comes to selling your home, setting it up for potential buyers is one of the most vital components of the process. It is important to make sure that your home is staged so that anyone viewing the house can picture themselves, their possessions, and their families living there. From the colors on the […]

homevalueleads Oct 2nd, 2018