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4 Ways to Meet Real Estate Agent Website Expectations

As a real estate agent, you know how important your personal website is. You also know when your website might do too much. Cluttered websites become ineffective websites. Although that’s true, the opposite can also occur. Bare websites and sites that don’t meet client expectations, can end up costing real estate agents as much if […]

homevalueleads Oct 2nd, 2018

Home Staging 101

When it comes to selling your home, setting it up for potential buyers is one of the most vital components of the process. It is important to make sure that your home is staged so that anyone viewing the house can picture themselves, their possessions, and their families living there. From the colors on the […]

homevalueleads Oct 2nd, 2018

3 Steps to Control Word of Mouth Marketing

One of the newest blogs we wrote describes how to know when your website is too much. A website that tries to do more than its capable of doing can lead to the site being inefficient. What’s the point of an inefficient website? Nothing. But, an inefficient website won’t hurt nearly as much as bad […]

homevalueleads Oct 1st, 2018

Create a Real Estate Agent Business Plan

Although most might not believe it, real estate agents run small businesses. As small business owners, real estate agents must do things like prevent cash flow disruptions, or create a cash reserve. Some real estate agents might wonder, though, how do they begin to run a small business? You, like any real estate agent small […]

homevalueleads Sep 28th, 2018

Real Estate Agents Must Build Enough Cash to Ensure Safety

We often write blogs about what real estate agents must do to successfully run their businesses. One blog we recently wrote describes how agents should be careful about the advice they take. Not all advice is created equal. This blog is about something that every real estate agent should be aware of, that’s the need […]

homevalueleads Sep 26th, 2018

Why Searching for Potential Clients is So Important

One of our recent blogs provided tips on dealing with failure. Our blog asserted that at some point, everyone fails. How a real estate agent deals with failure is one of the things that makes real estate agent winners and real estate agent losers. Another thing that separates real estate agent winners from real estate […]

homevalueleads Sep 24th, 2018

Be a Sincere Real Estate Agent

There’s so much competition in the real estate agent industry that often the small things matter. Emotionally intelligent real estate agents are likelier to list a property than a real estate agent that has no EI skills at all. Real estate agents with great customer service skills often secure repeat business. It’s important for real […]

homevalueleads Sep 19th, 2018

How To Get Real Estate Leads

To drum up business, all real estate agents must generate leads. Real estate agents can use social media to generate leads. Social media might not be the most effective way to generate leads, though. In fact, a couple of other ways to generate real estate agent leads could lead to much more success than just […]

homevalueleads Sep 18th, 2018

Beware Helping Other Real Estate Agent Sites

You spent a lot of time on your real estate agent site, which is why it should concern you that youmight be helping other real estate agent sites without even knowing it. Zillow, Trulia, and benefit when you add one of their badges or icons to your site. In fact, once you add a […]

homevalueleads Sep 15th, 2018

4 More Social Media Things Real Estate Agents Must Do

Real estate agents must create an effective website. Sometimes, real estate agents can over create. If they over create, they must do something about it. It’s a happy day when agents get their websites exactly where they want them to be. Once that happens, an agent can’t just rest on her laurels. She must then […]

homevalueleads Sep 12th, 2018