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5 More Strategies to Gain New Real Estate Clients

One of the best ways to generate leads, one of the most powerful, is through referrals. In a recently published blog, 3 Ways Referrals Generate Leads, we talked about 3 powerful ways real estate agents like you can generate leads through referrals. Asking customers for referrals, making sure people know what you do, and always […]


homevalueleads Feb 6th, 2019

5 Strategies to Gain New Real Estate Clients

We recently published a blog about how real estate agents can generate leads by meeting people in-person. The blog, 3 In-Person Ways to Generate Leads, discusses generating leads through open houses, going to events, and knocking on doors. All 3 are great in-person ways to find leads. In this blog, we’d like to expand on […]


homevalueleads Feb 4th, 2019

Why We Real Estate Agents Should Call Them Clients Instead of Customers

In our blog 4 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas, we listed 4 videos that you could upload to YouTube that no doubt would help build your brand. The 4 videos we highlighted were: going live at open houses, a question and answer session, client testimonials, and real estate agent education videos. All 4 should definitely […]


homevalueleads Jan 24th, 2019

Use Your Real Estate Marketing Umbrella for Protection

We recently published a blog on ways to encourage social media engagement. One of the reasons we published the blog was to showcase the fact that even though real estate agents like you might have social media accounts and might post social media messages, it does no good if all you get back are the […]


homevalueleads Jan 21st, 2019

5 Ways to Generate Leads via the Internet

We often talk about generating leads via the Internet. In fact, we just recently published a blog about four great video ideas that any real estate agent can use to engage individuals, build their brand, and generate leads. In this blog, we want to broaden the idea of Internet lead generation. Check out 5 ways, […]


homevalueleads Jan 16th, 2019

3 Ways Referrals Generate Leads

One of the blogs we recently published discusses the best ways to encourage social media engagement. Social media engagement can most definitely help real estate agents find leads. But, it’s not the most effective method of generating leads. It’s definitely not as effective as generating leads via referrals. Referrals might be the best way that […]


homevalueleads Jan 15th, 2019

3 In-Person Ways to Generate Leads

The easiest, and probably best, way to generate leads is to set up a Home Value Leads account. You won’t go wrong with HVL. Not only will HVL help you with your Facebook advertising, but the CRM you have access to could really bump up your lead generation. You even have access email templates along […]


homevalueleads Jan 14th, 2019

How do Real Estate Agents Maintain Leads?

For real estate agents, it’s all about generating leads. A great way to generate leads is through social media. Agents can generate leads through social media by encouraging social media engagement. Agents can also generate leads through Facebook ads and through their websites. Home Value Leads can help you with your Facebook advertising. All you […]


homevalueleads Jan 10th, 2019

How to Move Sellers in the Right Direction

We recently published a great blog, 9 Questions Your Real Estate Agent Should be Asking You When Selling Your House. Those 9 questions are essential for any real estate agent to sell any home. If you’re a real estate agent, make sure to start with the 9 questions. But, what happens after you’ve gone through […]


homevalueleads Jan 9th, 2019

Ways to Encourage Social Media Engagement

Real estate agents that utilize social media have an edge over their competition. At Home Value Leads, we’re a big believer in the power of social media. From our vantage point, social media marketing’s one of the most powerful ways for real estate agents to build their brands and generate leads. But although real estate […]


homevalueleads Jan 7th, 2019