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Everything to Know About Door Knocking Scripts in 2024

Table of Contents Why Why Don’t Basics Create Location Strategy Best Practices Types 7 Can’t Miss FAQ Cold Warm Opening FAQ Warm Why You Must Consider Door Knocking to Generate Real Estate Leads in 2024 Agents can get the best real estate leads in various ways in 2024. Some of the most common ways include […]

Rita Akekelwa Aug 20th, 2023

Best Way to Get Real Estate Seller Leads in 2024

Table of Contents Why Generate Seller Leads? Benefits of Generating Seller Leads How to Find Motivated Seller Leads How to Generate Real Estate Seller Leads Start Generating Seller Leads Today In 2024 Real estate agents don’t just show appealing homes and properties. They must also generate home seller leads. By understanding how important seller leads […]

Rita Akekelwa Aug 4th, 2023

15 Best Real Estate Books That Every Agent Must Read in 2024

Top-performing real estate agents must continue expanding their knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. To advance in their careers, they must master everything from sales principles to personal time management. Reading is an excellent way to develop and hone those skills in 2024. Whether they’re just starting or have been in the real estate […]

Rita Akekelwa Jul 28th, 2023

Drone Video & Aerial Photography for Real Estate 2024

Table of contents: Best Drone 2024 Drone Photography Tips Pricing Drone Video Tips Pricing Real estate drone shots make a massive difference when it comes to buying and selling both residential and commercial property. Agents know that to generate home seller leads they must show the clearest and most flattering property pictures they can. This […]

Rita Akekelwa Jul 2nd, 2023

Top 9 Best Real Estate Podcasts 2024

There are so many real estate podcasts available that going through them all and deciding which ones are worth listening to can take a considerable chunk of your valuable time. But don’t worry; we’ve spared you the hassle because our research has enabled us to find the best of the best real estate podcasts for […]

Rita Akekelwa Jun 30th, 2023

Real Estate Lead Conversion: How to get leads in 2024 [Expert Guide]

If you’re an agent, all you may be thinking about is how you can convert a lead in 2024. A real estate lead is a prospect that can be converted. Without leads, we can’t get customers. When a lead you generated turns into a customer, that right there is conversion. And yes, conversions should be […]

Rita Akekelwa Jun 1st, 2023

2024 Google Ads for Successful Campaigns: Real Estate Guide

Table of contents: Invest in Google Ads in 2024? Types of Google Ads Campaigns How do I advertise my real estate agency? Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Successful Google Ads Campaign Quality Score Google Ads Examples How Much Should You Spend? Seller Leads with Google Ad Campaigns In this day and age, successful real estate […]

Rita Akekelwa Apr 8th, 2023

Real Estate Virtual Assistants: The Complete Guide

Jump to: What Is a Virtual Real Estate Assistant? Pro’s Cons How Much Do You Pay a Virtual Assistant? How To Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Business Growth Tasks for a Virtual Assistant in Real Estate How Do I Become a Virtual Real Estate Agent? Best Real Estate Virtual Assistant Companies in 2023 Wrap […]

Rita Akekelwa Mar 29th, 2023

Best Top 10 CRM Software for Real Estate

Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for Real Estate: Introduction Market Leader Top Producer Pipedrive Wise Agent CINC LionDesk BoomTown Placester Chime Brivity Zoho CRM HubSpot CRM Monday Sales CRM Freshsales BONUS, Best Free CRMs! Introduction CRMs are designed to boost productivity and streamline client relationships. When deciding which CRM best suits your needs, you […]

Rita Akekelwa Mar 29th, 2023

How Real Estate Teams Work: Structure, Advantages & Disadvantages

Do you get enough leads to justify forming a real estate team? Or are you receiving too many listings and transactions that you’re turning down new leads? Does lead generation keep you so occupied that you can’t focus on generating new business? These are all important questions before starting a real estate team. Once these […]

Rita Akekelwa Mar 2nd, 2023