Agent Spotlight: Gary Morgan of Realty World San Jose

Home Value Leads | January 4, 2020 | Agent Spotlight

In any business, owners must look at the return on investment, or ROI, of their efforts. Real estate is no different and knowing your numbers is extremely important. How would you know if something is working or not if you don’t track the ROI? In today’s Agent Spotlight post, we are pleased to introduce Gary Morgan who is a great example of knowing someone who knows his numbers and utilizes those to build and grow his business effectively.

Agent Spotlight: Gary Morgan of Realty World San Jose

Gary has been an active Realtor since 2007. He loves his job serving buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. These are some of the biggest decisions of their lives and he takes it very seriously. His philosophy is to always look out for my clients best interest! This does not always contribute to my best interest but people remember when you go the extra mile for them.  We asked Gary to answer a few questions about his experience and his success with the Home Value Leads system.

How long have you been a Home Value Leads client and what kind of results have you seen?

I have been with HVL since the beginning of 2017 and have closed listings totaling over $2.5M.

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What other lead generation strategies have you used and how do they compare to Home Value Leads?

I have used and Zillow as well. These sites target mainly buyers. I like HVL’s approach because they attract sellers only.

What is your follow-up strategy with these leads?

I really like the automatic follow up email system HVL provides. I follow up with phone calls and my own emails as well.

Why do you think some agents are successful while others are not?

In this business you have to put yourself out there to as many people as possible. A lot of agents are not willing to pay for this type of exposure.

If you could give agents ONE piece of advice that would enhance their online lead generation and conversion, what would it be?

Referrals are a must for all agents. It is important to do what you say and say what you do. Then it is easy to get the referral once the transaction is complete.

We would like to thank Gary again for answering our Agent Spotlight questions and discussing how Home Value Leads has made a difference in his business.

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