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Real Estate Farm Like a Pro

It’s no secret that the more tailored you can be to your audience with every communication, the better. So why are you sending everyone on your lead list the same exact real estate newsletters and postcards? Looks like you need to start farming like a pro! We’ve heard from a few real estate agents who target […]

Renae Virata Nov 30th, 2016

Want More Spring Listings? Start Now with Our *FREE EBOOK*

School has started, and fall is finally here. With this time of year comes a slight slowdown in an interest to sell. However, now is a good time to prepare for potential spring listings. We’ve put together a comprehensive ebook “148 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale” to get your leads and clients thinking ahead – […]

Renae Virata Oct 9th, 2016

10 Photo and Video Apps to Help Your Listings Stand Out

Do you sometimes feel like your listing, website or social media photos and videos could use a little boost? Now that everyone and their grandmothers know that photo and video are musts for any marketing endeavor, some clever software teams have come up with apps that will make anyone – even busy real estate professionals […]

Renae Virata Oct 7th, 2016

Should You Get Paid For Hosting an Open House for Another Agent?

A real estate agent’s schedule can fill up pretty quickly. Jetting between open houses, housewarming party, showings, listing presentations and other events while trying to manage everything in between takes a lot of stamina – and time. Fortunately, as an agent, you can pay agents to help you to find real estate leads. Here’s how some agents […]

Renae Virata Oct 5th, 2016

A Quick, 7-Item Checklist for the Day You Show Your House

Note from the editor: Houzz is an amazing resource for those looking to update their home, do some decorating, and prepare their home for sale. You can share these these articles with your clients who are looking for ways to fix up their home to help it sell. We appreciate Houzz for providing us with […]

Houzz Inc Oct 3rd, 2016

Real Estate CRM Review: LionDesk

It seems these days that CRM systems for real estate agents are a dime a dozen. Many promise to do this or that to help agents become more efficient. They also tout more and more features that many agents once dreamed about so they have everything they need in one system. We recently came across […]

Renae Virata Oct 3rd, 2016

Kelli Higgins’ 2087% ROI with Home Value Leads *VIDEO*

We enjoy a good return-on-investment real estate story – especially when Home Value Leads has a hand in it! This one comes from Topeka, Kansas, a well-known but small market of just 125,000 residents. Kelli Higgins is our star player and faithful HVL user, who, in just her first full year in business, has made an absolute […]

Renae Virata Sep 26th, 2016

Build Your Real Estate Agent Listing Portfolio By Working With Home Builders

If you live in some of the country’s hottest real estate markets, then you may notice that single-family home builds have continued at a steady pace since the beginning of the year. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the annual rate of single-family housing starts was 770,000 in August 2016. Many real estate […]

Renae Virata Aug 31st, 2016

Samuel Rifkin Is Busier Than Ever Thanks To Home Value Leads

Every day, we are asked “Does Home Value Leads really work? What can I do to make it successful?” Of course, we are going to say the system works. 1) Because we are biased, and 2) Because it really does WORK. So rather than you hearing it from us, we introduced the Agent Spotlight where […]

Home Value Leads Aug 12th, 2016

Be a Real Estate Radio or Podcast Rock Star

Most real estate agents are born talkers – as they should be! More than most other professions, real estate requires a good amount of time on the phone and in person. If you have a lot to say about the wonderful world of real estate, then consider a radio or podcast and broadcast your expertise […]

Renae Virata Aug 5th, 2016