Home Value Leads Review From a New User

Every day, we are asked “Does Home Value Leads really work? What can I do to make it successful?” Of course, we are going to say the system works. 1) Because we are biased, and 2) Because it really does WORK. So rather than you hearing it from us, we introduced the Agent Spotlight, where […]

homevalueleads Jan 17th, 2017

Don’t-Miss Real Estate Conferences for 2017

Every year, real estate industry professionals converge in groves across the country to learn, grow and network for the good of their businesses. These annual events and conferences are amazing opportunities to take a step back, get some insight from around the globe and get up to speed on the latest techniques, ideas and innovations […]

Renae Jan 16th, 2017

Watch What You Tell Real Estate Clients

Are you familiar with the Fair Housing Act? If you’re a real estate agent, chances are, you know it well – even if you don’t make great strides to follow it. To refresh your memory: the Fair Housing Act is a federal law, enacted in 1968, that protects against discrimination based on seven specific classes: Race […]

Renae Jan 13th, 2017

Do You Know the Fair Housing Act Protected Classes?

Fair Housing Month may not be until April, but it’s never too early to brush up as a real estate agent on the Fair Housing protected classes, nationally and for your state. Why is this important? As you know as a real estate agent, the information you divulge and the actions that you take cannot […]

Renae Jan 9th, 2017

The Latest Techniques in Staging a Home to Sell

Note from the editor: Houzz is an amazing resource for those looking to update their home, do some decorating, and prepare their home for sale. You can share these these articles with your clients who are looking for ways to fix up their home to help it sell. We appreciate Houzz for providing us with […]

Houzz Jan 6th, 2017

More Content Marketing Tips for Agents

We have been lucky enough to connect with some of the best SEO experts on how to create content that attracts more online leads for real estate agents. Here’s a quick summary of what we learned: Long-tail keywords is the foundation of a good SEO strategy. In order to find the most effective long-tail keywords, use […]

Renae Dec 30th, 2016

Agent SEO Tip: What Motivates Buyers

In our last post, we discussed how long-tail keywords are, well, key to great content and attracting more leads to your real estate blog or website. We talked to SEO experts to learn what specific long-tail keywords work best for real estate agents. The key to attracting buyers to your content is to write about […]

Renae Dec 28th, 2016

Long-Tail Keyword Guide for Agents

An SEO strategy is important for any professional online. Real estate agents are no exception! We talked with some of the best content creators and SEO experts in the business and share with you some basic SEO tips to help you get started. Overwhelmingly, everyone had something to say about long-tail keywords. What are long-tail […]

Renae Dec 26th, 2016

Lead the Way: Professional Referrals

Inman recently posted a fantastic post with 99 sources for leads that real estate agents can take advantage of. The section on referrals from different types of professionals is pure genius. We touched lightly on this in one of our own posts and thought it worth the time to emphasize it in more detail. Professionals […]

Renae Dec 23rd, 2016

Property Marketing Tactics Every Real Estate Pro Should Use

This is a guest post from Eric Arnold, VP of Sales & Business Development at Xpressdocs Have you achieved your professional goals for this year? As we enter the home stretch of 2016, consider these property marketing tips to help you end the year strong and get a jump on a successful 2017. Make the […]

Xpressdocs Dec 22nd, 2016