What Are EI Sales?

There are all sorts of ways to approach a sales situation. As real estate agents, we run into plenty of different types of sales situations. We could end up having to convince a seller on list price. We could also end up having to convince a buyer to not look to purchase beyond their capabilities. […]

homevalueleads Aug 8th, 2018

Decide What Kind of Real Estate Agent You Want to Be

As a real estate agent, you do things like categorize buyers. By categorizing buyers, you can determine what actions you perform will best help you find a house for those buyers. You perform a similar process for sellers. You determine how quickly they wish to sell, why, and for how much. Although you both perform […]

homevalueleads Aug 1st, 2018

Sometimes Buyers Aren’t Sure What They Want

Often, we publish blogs about how to communicate with buyers. One of our favorite ways to communicate with buyers is to have emotional intelligence. EI allows real estate agents like us to get past buyer beware. But, what happens if a buyer isn’t exactly sure what they want? This occurs more often than most of […]

homevalueleads Jul 25th, 2018

3 Tips on Dealing With First Time Sellers

Most real estate agents know that, at times, they must convince sellers on list price. A bad list price could lead to disaster. The right list price could lead to a sale before the signs been driven into the ground. List price is one of the more important aspects of selling a home. Sometimes, it’s […]

homevalueleads Jul 18th, 2018

When to Know Your Website is Too Much

Real estate agents consistently market. That’s just how it goes. When they’re not building and maintaining their sphere of influence, They’re making phone calls, posting on Instagram, and doing what it takes to build their real estate agent brand. One other way to build your real estate agent brand is to create your own website. […]

homevalueleads Jul 11th, 2018

What to do If Your Website Isn’t Effective

If you own and run a personal business, you can’t function without a website. That’s just the nature of the world we live in today. Word of mouth marketing isn’t enough. Even if it is enough, you’re never totally in control of word of mouth marketing. That means you must have other ways of encouraging […]

homevalueleads Jul 4th, 2018

Be Careful About the Advice You Take

The real estate agent business has its share of smart, hardworking, individuals who wish to do nothing more than to create successful businesses. In fact, most real estate agents are hard working types that aren’t afraid of being accountable. The real estate business also has its share of blowhards, those who always wish to give […]

homevalueleads Jun 27th, 2018

3 Simple & Cheap Things Real Estate Agents Can Do to Provide an Exceptional Client Experience

Every great real estate agent has their secrets to success. Some have a knack for making personal connections everywhere they go; others secure future clients by attending events all around town. However, the real secret to success that any real estate agent can implement – regardless of personality or cash flow – is to provide […]

homevalueleads Jun 20th, 2018

Why Real Estate Agents Must Advertise on Social Media

There are plenty of ways to promote a real estate business. The best way might be through word of mouth marketing. Although word of mouth marketing is great, there are inherent issues with word of mouth marketing. Simply relying on word of mouth marketing often won’t lead to more potential customers. In this day and […]

homevalueleads Jun 13th, 2018

Be Human to Get Past Buyer Beware

We recently published a blog about educating instead of selling. One of the things we highlighted was that the very best real estate agents try to educate as much as they can. To be one of the best, you must also know that selling is part of the process. You can’t always just educate. This […]

homevalueleads Jun 6th, 2018