Build a Niche Real Estate Website

Do you have a real estate niche that you have proudly built from the ground up? Then be the go-to real estate agent for your niche in your market and set up a website to match. What is a Real Estate Niche? Many real estate agents who have found success narrowed their focus down to […]

Renae Aug 14th, 2017

7 Smart Storage Solutions to Help You Downsize

Note from the editor: Houzz is an amazing resource for those looking to update their home, do some decorating, and prepare their home for sale. You can share these these articles with your clients who are looking for ways to fix up their home to help it sell. We appreciate Houzz for providing us with […]

Houzz Aug 12th, 2017

Unique September Holidays Agents Can Promote

Besides Labor Day, what other holidays are worth promoting this month for real estate agents? According to our favorite National Day Calendar, plenty! September heralds in the official first day of fall, schools’ officially starting and more. So, what holidays can you take advantage of as an agent to make your marketing efforts more fun? […]

Renae Aug 11th, 2017

Step-by-Step Guide to Holding an Open House

Now that the lazy days of summer are coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about fall. That means lots of listing appointments, showings – and open house after open house. The best way to ensure that every open house you host goes swimmingly is to follow a step-by-step plan so no stone […]

Renae Aug 9th, 2017

Agents, Work Your Labor Day Marketing

The lazy days of summer are soon coming to an end, and Labor Day marks the official end of the season. While others are taking a day off, this could be your golden opportunity as a real estate agent to put the holiday to work for you and your business. A Weekend of Open Houses […]

Renae Aug 7th, 2017

Getting Closest to the Dollar for Agents

What are your top reasons for being a real estate agent? Why do you love what you do? It could be working with people, making an impact on people’s lives or working in a dynamic industry that never has a dull moment. Of course, on every agent’s top three should be the obvious reason: the […]

Renae Aug 4th, 2017

Ways to Keep Learning as a Real Estate Agent

The season┬áhas picked up for many agents in some markets but for most, it’s a slower time for business. Take advantage of the “lazy days of summer” and get unlazy! This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on anything and everything real estate. Why Get Re-Educated? Whether you have been in the real estate […]

Renae Aug 2nd, 2017

8 Solid Resources for Real Estate Referrals

No real estate agent should ignore the power of referrals as a part of their lead marketing strategy. You work hard to get leads – why not take advantage of the connections you can get with the people you already know? Take a look at these statistics: 92 percent of people trust earned media, or […]

Renae Jul 31st, 2017

Slow Summer Blues? Plan Fall Real Estate Marketing

In some markets, the summer can be a slow time for real estate. Are you an agent experiencing this? Then maximize your time by planning your fall real estate marketing now! Planning ahead can save you time when things start to pick up and leave you room for more creative, off-the-cuff marketing opportunities that may […]

Renae Jul 28th, 2017

How to Work Your Real Estate Farm Deep

  Do you sometimes feel like you are all over the place, geographically, with your real estate business? Is it leaving you breathless trying to keep track of every aspect of every demographic you deal with as well as local data? Then look no further than a real estate farm! Any successful real estate agent […]

Renae Jul 26th, 2017