Best Way to Drive More Search Traffic

Search traffic to your real estate website doesn’t happen overnight. Unless you pay for advertising that leads potential buyers and sellers to you or build links to your site through other online properties, you’re going to have to earn it. What does that mean? Through meaningful content, which for the most part is blogging. As […]

Renae Apr 19th, 2017

How to Be an Un-Salesy Agent

With spring in full swing, it’s time to make sure you get your name out there as a real estate agent. The competition is high these days, so the usual postcards, ads and the like are as important as ever. However, in order to truly stand out among the crowd, agents should learn how to […]

Renae Apr 17th, 2017

Agents, Get Ready for Facebook Split-Screen Live Video

We just love Social Media Examiner, a website dedicated to all things social media. One of their latest posts shared that Facebook will be introducing a split-screen feature for the Facebook Live videos to all users in the not-too-distant future. (Check out their awesome demonstration here!). Right now, only select personal Facebook users have access with […]

Renae Apr 14th, 2017

How to Get More Space Out of the House You Have

Note from the editor: Houzz is an amazing resource for those looking to update their home, do some decorating, and prepare their home for sale. You can share these these articles with your clients who are looking for ways to fix up their home to help it sell. We appreciate Houzz for providing us with […]

Houzz Apr 12th, 2017

An Agent’s Dilemma: G Suite or Office 365?

When I ran my own business a few years back, I was pressured into quickly finding an online productivity system. I needed one that would help me stay organized and collaborate with my colleagues and clients around the country. I first used Office 365, as I was most familiar with it, and decided about a […]

Renae Apr 12th, 2017

LinkedIn Tips for Real Estate Agents

Can’t get enough of exactly how to use LinkedIn as a real estate agent? We don’t blame you. At first glance, it might appear that other professionals have an advantage in how the platform operates and the type of connections it facilitates over agents. As Denise Supplee, a Realtor® with Long & Foster in Doylestown, PA, […]

Renae Apr 10th, 2017

Do Real Estate Agents Suck at LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has grown by leaps and bounds since it’s inception in 2002. I remember being invited as a young professional at my first job to join. I did then forgot all about it. Now, in 2017, you can’t turn around without seeing LinkedIn advice among the many revolving around social media. While the fanfare does […]

Renae Apr 7th, 2017

3 Unique Open House Tips for Agents

A real estate agent’s work is never done, and during no other season is this more true than in the spring. And that means lots of open houses to manage! We’ve shared multiple tips on open houses in the past, many of which are worth revisiting, but for this post, we wanted to impart a […]

Renae Apr 5th, 2017

Agents, Are You Listening?

We’ve touched on this topic before, but we felt that it bears repeating on a deeper level. Now that spring is in full swing, it’s important now, probably more than any other time in the year, to make sure you sharpen those listening skills, agents! As we go through the motions of trying to add […]

Renae Apr 3rd, 2017

April Holidays Real Estate Agents Can Promote

April Fool’s Day. Sometimes Easter. Tax Day. April has just a few staple holidays (okay, Tax Day is not something to really celebrate). What about all the other offbeat holidays that are worth recognizing? April is actually chock full of various holidays, some of which you and your clients may not have ever heard of. […]

Renae Mar 31st, 2017