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5 More Real Estate Agent Resolutions

The Holiday Season means we should consider how we might improve on our client closing gifts this year as well as what gifts we should give ourselves. By presenting gifts to themselves, real estate agents can improve their careers. While we’re at, we can’t forget about the most important gifts we can present to ourselves: […]


homevalueleads Dec 27th, 2018

Real Estate Agent Info: What Happens to House Prices When Mortgage Rates Rise?

Often, we post blogs about micro things like when a real estate agent should go independent. Micro things, things that affect real estate agents directly, are ultra-important because not all real estate agents are the same. However, macro things, like rising mortgage rates can also affect real estate agents. Mortgage interest rates can affect the […]


homevalueleads Dec 19th, 2018

5 Real Estate Agent Resolutions

During the Holidays while we’re in a gift-giving mood, real estate agents like us should most definitely bestow a few gifts upon ourselves. A handbook like the Home Value eBook, or even an HVL subscription, can really help us get off on the right foot this New Year. Heading into 2019, we should also consider […]


homevalueleads Dec 17th, 2018

4 Steps to Become a Real Estate Agent

Most people who read Home Value Leads are current real estate agents looking to increase lead generation and sell more homes for their clients. Not everyone who visits our website has those goals, though. Some who visit our website might do so to research how to become a real estate agent. We’ve written this blog […]


homevalueleads Dec 15th, 2018

Tips on Real Estate Agent Cold Prospecting

The only way for real estate agents to compete is to generate leads. Without a doubt, lead generation is the most important aspect of being a real estate agent. No leads, means no potential sales. That’s why it’s important for all real estate agents to think about a Home Value Leads account. It’s one of […]


homevalueleads Dec 12th, 2018

4 Real Estate Agent Tips for a Great YouTube Channel

Heading into the New Year, it’s important to keep in mind how Home Value Leads can help you with Facebook advertising. Advertising on Facebook has become much more cost-effective than struggling through pay per clicks. But while Facebook advertising is great, we still live in a video-centric world. Real estate agents should also consider starting […]


homevalueleads Dec 7th, 2018

5 Top Listing Presentation Steps

One of the blogs we recently published discusses the 3 top things real estate agents must discuss during any listing presentation. Those 3 things:  making sure sellers understand market time, how to position a house on price for sale, and letting sellers know about how you will market their home are absolutes. In this blog, […]


homevalueleads Dec 5th, 2018

Effective Pre-Listing Presentation Elements

A pre-listing presentation could put you ahead of your competition. In one of our recent blogs, we actually discussed the 4 reasons you should consider a pre-listing presentation. Just as a refresher the 4 reasons are:  a) sellers only contact 1 or 2 agents to provide listing presentations, b) you can get in front of […]


homevalueleads Dec 4th, 2018

5 Best Gifts a Real Estate Agent Can Give Themselves

Although we’d never advise real estate agents to take a break, it’s always good, as an example, to know the Top 5 features home buyers are looking for, we do believe that in the ultimate holiday month of December, it’s important for real estate agents to provide gifts to themselves. This is especially true for […]


homevalueleads Dec 3rd, 2018

5 Best Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts for Clients

Most real estate agents strive to be emotionally intelligent and to give thanks when they can. Agents who do give thanks, understand that not only will they benefit professionally, but they also benefit personally. A great way to give thanks is to provide a closing gift to your clients. Since we’re in the month that […]


homevalueleads Nov 28th, 2018