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How to Get Buyer Leads for Real Estate

One of our blogs discusses ways real estate agents can convert online leads into actual customers. Some of the ways we discuss that will help agents convert more leads is to share their knowledge and communicate their expertise. Those are two excellent ways to convert online leads, but online leads are often seller leads. What […]

Home Value Leads Apr 30th, 2019

How to Keep Track of Real Estate Leads

One of our recently published blogs discussed best Facebook practices to generate leads. As our name suggests, we believe strongly in lead generation. Generating real estate seller leads is the cornerstone of any healthy business. However, just generating real estate leads won’t lead to converting those leads into customers and then turning those customers into […]

Home Value Leads Apr 23rd, 2019

Even 5 More Strategies to Gain New Real Estate Clients

We believe in the power of the internet. From our perspective, real estate agents can gain a lot of new clients, they can generate plenty of leads through the internet. In our blog, 5 Ways to Generate Leads via the Internet, we discuss some great ways to generate leads online. But although internet lead generation […]

Home Value Leads Feb 8th, 2019

Home Value Leads Review From a New User

Every day, we are asked “Does Home Value Leads really work? What can I do to make it successful?” Of course, we are going to say the system works. 1) Because we are biased, and 2) Because it really does WORK. So rather than you hearing it from us, we introduced the Agent Spotlight, where […]

Home Value Leads Jan 17th, 2019

How do Real Estate Agents Maintain Leads?

For real estate agents, it’s all about generating leads. A great way to generate leads is through social media. Agents can generate leads through social media by encouraging social media engagement. Agents can also generate leads through Facebook ads and through their websites. Home Value Leads can help you with your Facebook advertising. All you […]

Home Value Leads Jan 10th, 2019

Tips on Real Estate Agent Cold Prospecting

The only way for real estate agents to compete is to generate leads. Without a doubt, lead generation is the most important aspect of being a real estate agent. No leads, means no potential sales. That’s why it’s important for all real estate agents to think about a Home Value Leads account. It’s one of […]

Home Value Leads Dec 12th, 2018

9 Questions your Real Estate Agent Should Be Asking You When Selling Your House

Please feel free to share this infographic on your website with our embed code below. A good real estate agent should get to know you and your house as much as possible, in order to develop a marketing and sales strategy that fits your needs. When meeting up with a Realtor, make sure some of their […]

Home Value Leads Oct 9th, 2018

Create a Real Estate Agent Business Plan

Although most might not believe it, real estate agents run small businesses. As small business owners, real estate agents must do things like prevent cash flow disruptions, or create a cash reserve. Some real estate agents might wonder, though, how do they begin to run a small business? You, like any real estate agent small […]

Home Value Leads Sep 28th, 2018

Kelli Higgins’ 2087% ROI with Home Value Leads *VIDEO*

We enjoy a good return-on-investment real estate story – especially when Home Value Leads has a hand in it! This one comes from Topeka, Kansas, a well-known but small market of just 125,000 residents. Kelli Higgins is our star player and faithful HVL user, who, in just her first full year in business, has made an absolute […]

Renae Virata Sep 26th, 2018

How To Get Real Estate Leads

Table of Contents Top Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies Word of Mouth Lead Generation, Testimonials and Reviews Lead Generation Software Social Media Lead Generation Gaining Leads via Networking Events Using Your Website to Generate Leads Purchasing Real Estate Leads Lists Target for Sale by Owner Listings Run Community Real Estate Educational Events Create Partnerships with […]

Home Value Leads Sep 18th, 2018