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Effective Pre-Listing Presentation Elements

A pre-listing presentation could put you ahead of your competition. In one of our recent blogs, we actually discussed the 4 reasons you should consider a pre-listing presentation. Just as a refresher the 4 reasons are:  a) sellers only contact 1 or 2 agents to provide listing presentations, b) you can get in front of […]


homevalueleads Dec 4th, 2018

5 Best Gifts a Real Estate Agent Can Give Themselves

Although we’d never advise real estate agents to take a break, it’s always good, as an example, to know the Top 5 features home buyers are looking for, we do believe that in the ultimate holiday month of December, it’s important for real estate agents to provide gifts to themselves. This is especially true for […]


homevalueleads Dec 3rd, 2018

5 Best Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts for Clients

Most real estate agents strive to be emotionally intelligent and to give thanks when they can. Agents who do give thanks, understand that not only will they benefit professionally, but they also benefit personally. A great way to give thanks is to provide a closing gift to your clients. Since we’re in the month that […]


homevalueleads Nov 28th, 2018

Top 5 Features Home Buyers are Looking For

When it comes to listing presentations, real estate agents must discuss 3 important things: market time, price positioning, and the marketing plan. Of the 3 absolutes for every listing presentation price positioning is the most important. By price positioning, real estate agents don’t just mean initial price when the home hits the market. They also […]


homevalueleads Nov 26th, 2018

How Features and Price Affect Home Buyers

One of the ways real estate agents can stand out is by creating a pre-listing presentation. Pre-listing presentations allow agents to get ahead of the pack. Most home sellers only call one, maybe two, agents to see a listing presentation. With a pre-listing presentation, agents can go to the front of the line. Even though […]


homevalueleads Nov 21st, 2018

Even 4 More Social Media Real Estate Tips

Listing presentations are the bread and butter of real estate agent success. Without listing presentations, agents would never sell properties. Most home sellers only contact one or two real  estate agents, which is why most real estate agents should consider creating pre-listing presentations so that they can get ahead of their competitors. However, pre-listing presentations […]


homevalueleads Nov 19th, 2018

5 More Social Media Real Estate Tips

Successful real estate agents are emotionally intelligent individuals. They like people, they have great social awareness, and they know that change is good. But, real estate agents must be in a position to use their emotional intelligence. One of the places where using their emotional intelligence can lead to lead generation is on social media. […]


homevalueleads Nov 14th, 2018

5 Social Media Real Estate Tips

Nowadays, real estate agents must make a concerted effort to generate leads. The days where agents separated themselves via pay-per-click are over. No longer can real estate agents rely on basic principles of lead generation. One form of lead generation that continues to work, though, is utilizing social media. Check out 5 great social media […]


homevalueleads Nov 12th, 2018

4 Reasons to Consider a Pre-Listing Presentation

Real Estate agents use several ways to stand out. In the month of November, there’s no better way than to give thanks. Giving back to the community can put you in an excellent position to become the agent that homeowners call when they’re ready to sell. But, giving back to the community, although excellent, still […]


homevalueleads Nov 7th, 2018

3 Things You must Discuss for Every Listing Presentation

It’s always important to keep in touch with past sellers or buyers. Doing so can lead to future deals and what real estate agent doesn’t like future deals? But, although it’s important to always keep in touch, real estate agents must also always look for new sellers. By providing a great listing presentation, real estate […]


homevalueleads Nov 5th, 2018