Unique Real Estate Guest Blogger Ideas

Renae Virata | November 24, 2017 | Marketing

Content is still king (or queen!), according to many marketers. What does that mean? Basically, content on any medium that you touch with your business online is great for SEO, attracts a fresh and interested audience, encourages engagement with your brand, increases traffic and adds value to what you already offer clients. Need we say more?

Real estate agents in particular have a great opportunity to take advantage of content. But, as busy as agents can be, they don’t have to author every piece of content they publish! That’s where guest blogging comes in.

We’ve touted the benefits of guest blogging before as well as how to go about contacting guest bloggers. Now that you have that down, let’s get down to specific, unique topics that only experts in their respective fields can cover.

Feng Shui Expert

What could be more relevant to a new homeowner than understanding the most harmonious layout of their home? Once a client moves in to their new digs, they’ll want to give themselves the best and most peaceful start to living in it.

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This may sound a little hokey but focusing on a topic like feng shui could be super eye-opening for doubtful clients. Part of your job as a real estate agent is to educate clients, and this is one lesson that’s unique and fun to share.

A simple Google search for “feng shui expert near me” (with your geolocation on) is a great way to find such an expert.

Professional Organizer

Along the same lines as a feng shui expert, a professional organizer would be a fantastic guest blogger. Who wouldn’t like to get a bit more organized in their home?

Selling clients doing a massive clean-out prior to moving would appreciate tips from a professional organizer. What’s more, topics abound in this area so that you have multiple topics throughout the year for this expert to guest blog on.

Topics include garages, closets, purging before a move, annual clean-outs, season clean-outs…the list goes on and on.

Want to be even more engaging with these posts? Ask the professional organizer if they would like to run a contest for a consultation.

Financial Topics

Of course, a mortgage lender is always a great guest blogger to include for your list of content. However, the topics they can cover can go beyond the legal and the dry.

Why not expand a bit on the idea of financing a home by focusing on how to save for a home or a timeline for getting there.

This is just a small sample of topics and types of guest bloggers you could use. Hopefully, it inspires you to think of some out-of-the-box topics and experts to contact.


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Renae Virata