How to Use Real Estate Agent Business Cards to Market Yourself

Rita Akekelwa | April 20, 2021 | Marketing

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There is no shortage of real estate lead generation ideas to market your business. 

One effective and versatile method is the use of real estate business cards. In fact, there are several ideas for open houses you can implement in your marketing strategy to use your business cards. If you play your cards right (pun intended!), using these little marketing tools can be very good for business. 

Real Estate Business Cards: Ideas, Requirements, Quotes & More

The power of a business card is that it provides value,  which is something that everyone appreciates. It gets people to start liking and trusting you. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional business card. One of the best ways to provide value to someone you just met is to offer a free instant home value report and adding real estate unique value proposition

This isn’t the typical business card with just a photo, contact information, and the cheesy “The biggest compliment I can receive is your referrals” on the back. This is a card that you have printed up SPECIFICALLY for your Home Value Leads site, where your landing pages will prospect clients without any effort on your part, trying to convert leads into clients

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The card itself can be a colored background with your site link on it (a darker blue background with white text works very well) on one side. On the other, you put a simple call to action – “Get a Free, Instant Home Value Report In Less Than 30 Seconds.” You can get these printed up very cheaply somewhere like VistaPrint online.

Modern business cards can make a significant difference in strengthening that first meeting. This one piece of paper can make the difference between signing up leads or having them fall through the cracks. Here are some things to consider when looking at making creative real estate business cards that have an impact on your marketing. 

Colour and Contrast

Cards with bold and bright colors often make for the best business cards.  Using multiple bright colors and using contrast can also make a difference to draw a customer’s eye.

Make it Shiny

Using dark with shining gold or silver embossing can work well to engage your typical real estate investor. Using luxury business cards can make all the difference when dealing with potential top-end clients.

Use QR Codes

The latest technology can also be used. A great way to get people to your landing pages is to have a QR code on the business card. This modern solution can take people straight to your website when scanned with a smartphone. 

Limit the Text

A real estate visiting card design that has too much text often looks cluttered and is hard to find information on. Some of the best business cards are made conservatively, with small amounts of text and heavily featuring a logo or a photograph.

Use Your Face

One popular business card design is to include a photo. As a realtor doing business it is helpful for your clients to put a face to your name. Many modern have this feature to make recognizing the real estate agent easily, which instills trust in your leads.

Use a Unique Shape

Most business cards are rectangles, right? Wrong. Many of the agent cards use different shapes, such as house shaped to get the point across that they’re in business for one thing, and one thing only. This can really help in converting more seller leads.

Business Cards Requirements

There is a lot of information that you could include on realtor business cards.  Let’s have a look at some of them below. 


The name is usually the most important part, but this also includes your title and the name of your real estate agency. Name recognition aids in lead generation, so it’s critical to include this on a business card. 

Contact Details

Whoever is receiving the cards needs to be able to contact you. Business cards contain contact details. These include phone numbers (mobile and office), email addresses, web addresses (79 percent of buyers shop online), and office addresses. Keep in mind that the main purpose of a business card is to make it easier to remember how seller leads can get in contact with you.

Social Media

Facebook marketing for real estate agents has become incredibly popular in the past years. If you are using any form of social media marketing, let people know where to find you by including your social media details on your business cards. 

Card Quality

It’s important to ensure that the design of the business card itself is made from high-quality material; preferably cardboard. Make sure that it’s easy to write on with a pen, rather than having a glossy finish. 

Legal Requirements

Be sure to check local legal requirements around business cards. Some states may require that specific phrases are used or should be avoided. In some areas, as an agent, the card must specifically say ‘Realtor’ as a job title.

Real Estate Business Cards and Quotes

It’s important for a business card to stand out and be memorable. You can achieve this by using quotes and slogans. Quotes offer insight into the services that are on offer through your agency, and the manner in which they are delivered. 

For example, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” sets the tone for a pleasant business experience.

“The best time to buy a home is always five years ago” is a great way to highlight that it’s always a good time to get into the housing market. 

You could also be very direct with – “The greatest form of flattery is a referral.” These phrases are made to entertain and cement your brand into people’s minds. 

There are many ways to give out these business cards, including paying a kid $10 per hour to put cards on all of the windshields at a local mall. (Remember, these are NOT branded, so if it upsets some people, they won’t be upset at YOU!). 

Also, any time someone asks you “How’s the market?” you can hand them a business card and say “It’s great! Want to know what your home is worth? This site will tell you instantly.”

Business Cards FAQs

What should a realtor put on their business card?

Your name, title, agency and contact details are all essential parts of a business card. Make use of stunning drone aerial photography on the cards (to stand out and give that personal touch). Be sure not to make it overcrowded though.

How do I make a real estate business card?

There are many ways to get a business card made, along with design services you can use. Ensure that you choose a service for printing that uses quality non-transferrable ink, and provides a good card stock selection.

Why do realtors have pictures on business cards?

Realtors have their photos on business cards to put their faces to their names and ensure that they are recognizable. The name, face, and business card are all part of a quality agent’s personal brand.

How do I distribute my business cards?

There are many ideas for this, including having them at your next open house to hand out, using them when canvassing a neighborhood, and handing them out when delivering your door knocking scripts. Or you could just give them to anyone you know or encounter.

Is it illegal to leave business cards on cars?

It is best to check your local laws but in most cases, no. If it is in a shopping center, it is best to ask the management of the complex beforehand. You do also need to know your market, since some may find this practice unsavory.

Can you legally put business cards in mailboxes?

Similar to leaving a business card on a car, it is best to check your own local laws first. In most cases, there is no law prohibiting an agent from doing a mailbox drop with their business cards.

In an age where digital marketing is at the forefront, the age-old business card is still a worthy contender. Its personal touch, coupled with its effectiveness, makes for great marketing. Get the most out of it by using it as a doorway to your real estate landing pages, where you’ll ultimately generate the real estate leads your business needs to thrive.

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