A to Z Guide to Fall Real Estate Content Ideas (Part II)

Renae Virata | August 18, 2017 | Marketing

A to Z Guide to Fall Real Estate Content Ideas (Part II)This is the second part of three in a series we started last post about fall real estate content ideas. Fall has so many exciting topics to cover that you will have no shortage for your real estate blog or newsletter.

We covered topics from A to G in our last post, now we are covering topics from H to O. We hope that these help inspire you to plan ahead and to get some great content out there!

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is such a fun time for not only kids but also the parents. Share some of the hottest events for both families and adults in the area then include a list of safety tips for making it a safe journey from home to home.

As a sidebar, you can also provide some fun Halloween party tip ideas that includes recipes, decor and more.

Instagram Highlights of Best Listings

What better way to highlight some of your best listings each week than from your Instagram feed? You can easily embed separate photos that link back to your Instagram profile with these simple instructions from Instagram:

“To embed Instagram content you need to first visit the post on the web and get theembed code. Go to the post URL if you have it, or you can search for the username on Instagram.com, visit their profile, and then click the post to expand it. Click the more […] button and select ‘Embed‘.
Don’t forget to format your post with a description to go with each listing, hitting the highlight(s) of each.

Just Listed Weekly Feature

Speaking of listings, why not feature your most recently listed properties weekly, too? You can then have a form on the page that leads can fill out to receive the weekly list as an email update. This will get them back to your website and consistently looking at your listings. They can then easily share and forward your emails to others, expanding your reach with less work.

Keeping Pool Clean in Fall

Summer is sadly coming to an end, and that means homeowners with pools need to think about how to maintain and take care of their pools before the freezing weather sets in.

Some of the most pressing issues for homeowners with pools include how to deal with falling leaves, pool covers and fences, etc. In fact, this could be a great opportunity to have a local pool expert you trust do some cross-promotion with you and guest post FAQs for you!

Labor Day Hosting Tips

Labor Day is the last official holiday before the big holiday season – or, another way, the last big hurrah from the summer. Either way, this first Monday of September is always a great opportunity for homeowners to host their last outdoor fetes.

As with other outdoor events held at home, you can provide a handy tip list with recipes, decor ideas and how to prepare efficiently for a Labor Day party.

Mortgage Questions Answered

Ah…the age-old confusion on mortgages! With changes happening left and right, you will know doubt have a ready audience of leads and clients ready to learn from you. You can do a two- or three-part series that covers the process and then specific areas of financing a home that homeowners have always been curious about or have the most trouble understanding or dealing with.

I think you know where this is going…that’s right, guest post opp! It’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce your preferred lender and to turn writing duty over to someone else for a change.

New Homeowner Guide

New homeowners, especially first-time home buyers, always need a little guidance. Who better to give them that guidance than the very person who got them into that new home (that’s you!).

Provide a list of reminders that they need to take care of and things to look out for, especially for fall home maintenance, as well as a handy list of service providers for any and everything to do with the house.

Open House / Showing Tips

While you are no doubt the one hosting the open house for your clients, it doesn’t hurt to prepare clients with the process and how to prep for a successful one on their part.

Line out for them a timeline of how you usually hold your open houses and what they can expect. Part of how they can help can include ways to maintain the house for easy clean-up for last-minute showings.

Don’t forget, that with every post, you should share the link on all social media channels and share excerpts and links (get them to that website!) in your newsletters. That way you have all media avenues pointing to your website and, ultimately, more about you and your listings.

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