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How To Get Real Estate Leads in 2024

Table of Contents Top Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies in 2024 Word of Mouth Lead Generation, Testimonials and Reviews Lead Generation Software Social Media Lead Generation Gaining Leads via Networking Events Using Your Website to Generate Leads Purchasing Real Estate Leads Lists Target for Sale by Owner Listings Run Community Real Estate Educational Events Create […]

Home Value Leads Sep 18th, 2023

Best Way to Get Real Estate Seller Leads in 2024

Table of Contents Why Generate Seller Leads? Benefits of Generating Seller Leads How to Find Motivated Seller Leads How to Generate Real Estate Seller Leads Start Generating Seller Leads Today In 2024 Real estate agents don’t just show appealing homes and properties. They must also generate home seller leads. By understanding how important seller leads […]

Rita Akekelwa Aug 4th, 2023

The Downfalls Of The Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

Table of contents Introduction What is an inside sales agent real estate? What is the role of an ISA Real Estate Inside Sales Agent Job Description ISA Job Responsibilities Reasons you Need an Inside Sales Agent Difference between inside sales and outside sales agents Conclusion **The following is a guest post from Mitch Ribak, the […]

Rita Akekelwa Mar 25th, 2021

8 Solid Resources for Real Estate Referrals

No real estate agent should ignore the power of referrals as a part of their lead marketing strategy. You work hard to get leads – why not take advantage of the connections you can get with the people you already know? Take a look at these statistics: 92 percent of people trust earned media, or […]

Renae Virata Jul 31st, 2017

3 Ways to Work Real Estate Agent Referrals

Referrals are an easy lead source for any real estate agent. Agents have a number of ways at their disposal to drum up real estate leads. Some may take minutes to set up while others take a little more time and investment to see results. As a real estate agent, referrals can come from both […]

Renae Virata Jul 3rd, 2017

Riley: How to Follow Up with Leads While You Sleep

At Home Value Leads, we are all about ways to help you connect with your real estate seller leads, whether they come through us or by other means, and engage them from the minute they arrive. This can pose a challenge for many of you who don’t have the time nor the manpower to do […]

Renae Virata Dec 14th, 2016

Real Estate Quick Guide to PPC Advertising with Google

PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising, is an advertising model that most real estate agents have taken great advantage of. The ability to measure results and accordingly adjust campaigns on the fly significantly reduce spending and effort. Before you get bogged down on the specifics, let’s examine how you can make it work for your real estate […]

Renae Virata Jan 19th, 2016

Real Estate Advertising: Using Instagram Ads to Get Leads

Instagram ads are more than two and a half times more clickable than any other platform, according to a study of 400 global Instagram ads conducted by Nielsen Brand Effect shared by Instagram. This could be a huge win for real estate agents looking to increase their reach to the coveted millennial set. You can […]

Renae Virata Dec 4th, 2015

Google Alerts For Real Estate: Get Leads and Stay Savvy

With social media overload, it’s tough to stay on top of your marketing and research, isn’t it!  Google Alerts is a simple tool that can help you do that AND get prospective leads, too.  Best of all, it’s free! Google Alerts are like your “secret weapon.”  Make free technology work hard for you.  A Google […]

Home Value Leads Apr 22nd, 2015

Unique Real Estate Lead Ideas

The bounce-back from the recession has been a boon for many listing agents the past couple of years and is showing no signs of slowing. But more excited agents means more competition. So where are the fresh real estate leads? You just have to look for the opportunities where others may not have. Unpredictable but […]

Home Value Leads Feb 9th, 2015