LinkedIn Tips for Real Estate Agents

Renae | April 10, 2017 | Marketing

LinkedIn Tips for Real Estate AgentsCan’t get enough of exactly how to use LinkedIn as a real estate agent? We don’t blame you.

At first glance, it might appear that other professionals have an advantage in how the platform operates and the type of connections it facilitates over agents.

As Denise Supplee, a Realtor® with Long & Foster in Doylestown, PA, feels, LinkedIn “seems to be more
of a subtle approach.” But a closer look reveals that some agents are using the platform in ways that truly benefit their businesses.

Get Referrals

I try to be active on LinkedIn, and seek out real estate professionals in
other areas of the country. Personally, I have received several referrals
from agents I have connected with on LinkedIn.

David Welch, Broker Associate, RE/MAX 200 Realty, Winter Park, FL

Get Info

I consider LinkedIn to provide both nurturing and outreach potential. To keep personal connections warm while providing useful personal information, an easy data base of connection is needed. Fortunately, LinkedIn provides the service. Regarding outreach, the social media platform afford a user the ability message/solicit perspective clients.

I utilize the service to connect via direct messages or to ascertain an email/phone number.

Michael Kelczewski, Realtor, Brandywine Fine Properties Sotheby’s International Realty

Get Seen

LinkedIn is a great resource to network with other
professionals…I connected with a Realtor who specialized in New Jersey shore homes. This is perfect when I get a client who is looking in that area.

Having a rapport with someone is much better than just looking someone up. I feel more confident in referring one of my clients to someone I know better.

Mostly I do connect via article posting. And, frankly, I like to read the articles posted. Being connected with real estate professionals all over the globe, enables me to keep my finger on the
pulse in different areas, as well as on various topics.

I have written and shared many articles. One such an article was about finding investor-specialist
Realtors. Another pointed to the new laws that are making it tough on landlords. I believe that providing good relevant information is helpful to anyone’s business.

Denise Supplee, Realtor, Long & Foster, Doylestown, PA

Get Connected

Now, my use of [LinkedIn] is to see what’s going on in the different communities, if there are any volunteer opportunities as a way for me to get my name out there more. I also use it as a research tool to learn more about a person’s business but not to find a type of business I need.

…the best feature about [LinkedIn] is that it tells you to what degree you know someone that you don’t recognize yourself. It shows the six degrees of separation model and the lineage of how well someone you know knows someone else. That way, if there is someone that owns or works at a business that I would want to be a part of, and I see that I have a friend that is connected to that person to the first degree, I could reach out to my friend, inquire how well they know that person, and potentially have a hand above the rest of my competition.

StephanyTrombello, Real Estate Broker, Baird & Warner, Chicago, IL

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