Agent’s Basic Guide to Instagram Ads

Renae | October 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

Agent's Basic Guide to Instagram AdsIf you aren’t already on Instagram is a real estate agent, then it’s probably time that you get started. What could be more attractive for a listing or any business for that matter than pictures?

Advertising on Instagram is a great idea because people already searching and social media platform looking for just what you have to offer. In your case, it’s probably fabulous listing or examples how you remove your clients’ listings.

Advertising on Instagram

Like other advertising platforms, Instagram allows you to drive business, increase awareness and tell your business’ story. Unlike other platforms, however, storytelling is solely in images. 

Instagram ads are perfect for real estate agents because they are seamlessly integrated into your audience’s feeds. This means that your images and story are front and center in front of the demographic of people that best fit your business.

Creating your Instagram ads is as simple as creating Facebook ads. You are taken directly to your Facebook Ads Manager account (since Facebook owns Instagram) and can proceed as usual to determine your marketing objective, type of ad, frequency, budget and audience.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram ads come in a few different formats. This allows your creativity to take form in whichever way best fits your brand or your current message.

Photo ads are the original way to advertise on Instagram. In square or landscape format, your featured image is the simplest way to engage your audience. This is where having a well designed image or well taken photo is of the utmost importance. Your photo ad has the one shot to impress and entice your audience to take action or learn more.

If you have a listing photo, for example, make sure that the photo is professionally done (or looks professionally done) and that the color and lighting pop. The photo doesn’t have to be over-treated but should definitely not look like you took it at the worst time of the day with your iPhone 3.

Video ads on Instagram allow for a few different unique presentation options for listings. You can do a quick video that provides a montage of images with background music or a voice over. You can also create an actual video tour with scenes spliced together. To really stand out as an agent, consider including a map that zooms in on the location of the property then provides the virtual tour. Keep in mind, these can only be up to 60 seconds long, but you can definitely share a lot about a listing in just a minute or under.

Carousel ads provide just that – a slideshow of images or videos. This is a great opportunity to, again, show multiple images of a listing or to do a combination of photos and videos. If you want to promote your business as a whole to, say, showcase examples of your listings or several current listings that you are promoting, then carousel ads are a good way to go.

Finally, Stories ads. Stories are the latest addition to the Instagram family, allowing you to share moments from your day via photos and videos. This is different from carousel ads as you add to your story, piece by piece, giving your ad a more personal touch. Stories ads are a great way to create more engaging and personal content. You can also add text and drawings, which can make your Stories like mini movies.

Now that you know the basics of Instagram ads and how they can help your real estate business reach a more targeted audience, what will you share?

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