Unusual Holidays Marketing for Real Estate – April and May

Renae | April 4, 2016 | Marketing

Unusual Holidays Marketing for Real Estate - April and MayEaster came and went early this year, and with the next big holiday (Memorial Day) far ahead of us, you can always look to unusual holidays for your real estate marketing. Here are some holidays you may not have heard of but that you can use to your advantage to appeal to home sellers and buyers for April and May.

April 11 – National Pet Day

Our pets are like our kids sometimes, aren’t they? Many homeowners definitely feel the love when it comes to their fur babies and will oftentimes look for homes where their pets will also feel at home.

A newsletter providing a list of special listings that are pet-friendly as well as tips for homeowners looking for such homes is great content. Write a blog post on the subject and provide a teaser with a great picture of Fido in it. Better yet, to make it more personable, include a little mention of your own pet if you have one and a great photo of you two.

Link the blog post to your social media, too. Be sure it has the photo from your blog. You can also include photos of clients with their pets and provide a related testimonial to round it out.

April 22 – National Earth Day

For all of your green-minded prospects, a list of your best tips for a greener home may be in order. How about a cool infographic that lists stats on ways they can save with a more environmentally-friendly home? You can also include some great photos in your blog, newsletter and social media posts or at least share a post from another source with tips.

Be sure to highlight green features when you include your current listings to align them with your Earth Day marketing.

May 17 – National Pack Rat Day

Yes, there is a holiday for this, too! For those who have not yet begun their spring cleaning, this is the perfect time to remind them to clean out their homes and consider selling. You can get super creative with this by offering tips for garage sales, hosting one for your community (great way to generate more leads!) and bringing some whimsy to your real estate marketing.

May 21 – National Learn to Swim Day

For those listings you have with a pool, it’s a natural fit to share them on National Learn to Swim Day. Especially with summer coming soon, it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight the family fun that can take place with a pool property.

This day specifically encourages water safety, so throwing in some tips to help make families and particularly children more safe is an added bonus for home buyers who may not have thought of a pool as an option for their families.

May 25 – National Wine Day

This may be on the top of many a real estate agent’s list of unusual holidays. It’s also a great time to celebrate the sale of a client’s home with a nice bottle.

For social media, a shot of two glasses and a bottle on the porch or backyard of a great listing that has the perfect sunset view could turn heads (and turn listing browsers into leads).

For a complete list of usual and unusual holidays, check out National Day Calendar. It’s a great resource and also provides some history for a few holidays.

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