The Benefits of Drone Videos & Aerial Real Estate Photography

Christopher Jesuele | February 12, 2018 | Marketing

The real estate industry has really benefited from technology over the past couple of years. Every year, new camera technology comes to the market that allows for higher quality photos, with cheaper, yet more powerful cameras.

Statistics show that over 90% of all homebuyers begin their search online. If you visit or any real estate website, you will start to see a pattern. Most listings usually have 3-5 outdoor photos showcasing the front and back of the home, driveway and amenities such as a deck or pool. On average, the remaining 15 photos show off the interior of the home.

Though statistics show that videos are more engaging and captivating, very few real estate agents are taking advantage of videos when selling real estate. The benefits of using videos to highlight a property are vast, but many real estate agents just don’t know where to begin.

One of the biggest industries to prosper from the improvement of camera technology is the drone market. Drone videos and aerial photography is starting to become mainstream allowing all home sellers to highlight a property with stunning aerial photography.

Before the invention of drones, aerial photography was normally filmed using a helicopter or airplane. The problem with using an aircraft to film a property from the sky, was the fact that it was extremely expensive. Since the cost was so high, aerial photography was usually reserved for high-end properties that had a large marketing budget.

But with the invention of drones, this has more than leveled the playing field. Drone videos and aerial photography that once costs thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars can now be filmed for a mere fraction of the cost it once was.

A drone video and aerial photos of a property now only cost a few hundred dollars, and the benefits are vast. First off, this opened up an entirely new market for all home sellers. Not only is the price of aerial videos and photos now affordable for all real estate listings (not just the expensive ones), but the quality and benefits that drone videos provide can easily pay for themselves many times over.

Before drones, when an aircraft was used to film real estate, it was normally from a high altitude and the photos were a hit or miss. Drones on the other hand have allowed the home sellers to really highlight a property. Drones affixed with 4K Hi-Resolution cameras have become the norm. Drones are capable of flying at a lower altitude than aircraft to really capture and highlight all angles of a property.

There are many benefits to using videos when promoting a real estate listing. 99% of all homes listed for sale have still photos, but many listings are not taking advantage of videos, even though videos have been proven to be more captivating than regular photographs.

Video grabs the viewer’s attention and can really tell a story about a property, in ways that photos cannot. The benefit of using drone videos and aerial photography in a listing allows the potential homebuyer to see the entire property from the air. This can give homebuyers an amazing perspective on the home they are interested in. Photos can be deceiving, but a video can really highlight an entire property showing all of its amenities.

For example, using a drone video can capture every angle of the home from the sky. It can show off the grounds around the home including the landscaping, backyard, roof, and features such as a deck, pool, and more. This alone is a huge benefit as it can give the homebuyer a realistic view of the entire home and grounds, but where a drone really stands out is what else it’s capable of filming.

A drone is able to fly over the home and neighborhood giving you an amazing perspective of the surrounding areas that ground photographs simply cannot capture.

A drone video can show you the proximity of the neighbor’s homes, as well as the surrounding features. For example, a drone video can show you how close a home is to parks, schools, public transportation and much more. Something that was previously done by looking at grainy satellite photos, which were normally out of date. Drone videos can now show you detailed images of an entire neighborhood.

But taking advantage of drone videos and aerial photography is not as simple as buying a drone and taking it to the sky. There are a lot of things that are necessary before flying a drone. The most important thing before flying, is to receive a license from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This includes taking a test to confirm you know all of the laws that one must know before flying a drone

Next, it’s important to practice and learn how to fly a drone professionally. This can take some time to master, as you need to be able to fly and film at the same time.

Just because you are licensed by the FAA and have mastered flying a drone, having insurance is a necessity in case something goes wrong. But this is only the beginning. Once you are licensed, insured, and have mastered flying a drone, the next step is learning how to edit, color correct the video and present it on a website that you can share online.

Since most drone videos are filmed in 4K Hi-Resolution, you may need a new computer that is powerful enough to edit and render the 4K videos. Editing and color correcting video can take time to master, as it’s not as simple as it may seem. Many editors take courses at colleges and schools to learn how to professionally edit videos.

This is where comes into play. is a nationwide media company specializing in custom drone videos and aerial photography. We built so that the “Average Joe” can take advantage of aerial photography simply and affordably.

Ordering a drone video has never been easier. Our website is fully automated allowing you to order a custom drone video in less than 2 minutes. All of our drone video packages are a flat rate fee so there is no waiting around for quotes or worrying about hidden upsales or fees. You don’t even need to be present for the shoot.

Using our ordering system makes the process of purchasing a custom drone video simple. Best of all, all of our Drone Operators are fully licensed with their Part 107 from the FAA to fly commercially. They have also passed a background check and are fully licensed and trained.

We can have one of our professional Drone Operators out to film your listing in as little as 24 hours notice. Once the video and photos have been filmed, we will professionally edit, color correct it and present it on an SEO-friendly webpage to you, within 48 hours after the shoot is complete.

You can then easily share the drone video and aerial photos on your website, MLS, or on social media with a click of a button. No technical knowledge is required. Just tell us the address and we will do the rest.

We built so that anyone can take advantage of using drone videos on their listings, fast, affordably and easily. To view our amazing samples and to learn more, visit Drone Videos.

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Christopher Jesuele
Christopher Jesuele

Christopher Jesuele is co-founder & CEO of He has an engineering background with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech. Christopher started his professional career with Micron Technology fabricating high-end memory chips in Manassas, VA at the largest Semiconductor facility in the United States.