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Drone Video & Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Real estate agents know that to generate seller leads they must show the clearest and most flattering pictures of homes they can. Most real estate agents take photos with their smartphones. They then upload those photos to their websites. Potential home sellers see the photos, are impressed, and ask for a listing presentation. The process […]


homevalueleads Jan 2nd, 2020

Facebook for Real Estate Lead Generation: The Ultimate Toolkit Guide

Using Facebook for real estate lead generation can yield great results, when used correctly.  Although LinkedIn, Instagram, and, maybe, even Snap and Twitter are necessary for real estate agents to join, none of those social media sites are as effective at generating leads as the once and future king, Facebook. Derided as the site your […]


Renae Oct 1st, 2019

14 Things to Send Your Clients to Keep in Touch

As the name implies, at Home Value Leads we discuss a ton about how to find leads, lead generation, and putting leads into our sphere of influence. We’re also big on providing advice like whether you actually need SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or how much time you should spend on social media. But, we’re not […]


homevalueleads Oct 15th, 2018

Real Estate Agent Marketing:  The Problem with Word of Mouth Marketing

Making a first impression is fantastic. As a real estate agent, once you’ve made a great first impression, you’re on your way to turning a potential client into an actual client. Once you’ve satisfied a few potential clients, word of mouth could really help your business. Word of mouth marketing, especially in the real estate […]


homevalueleads May 8th, 2018

Best Practices for Giving Your Buyers The Best Closing Gifts

Once your buyers have closed on their house, the question is to gift or not to gift — and if so, what to give? Plenty of real estate agents feel that a closing gift is not necessary because their gift is providing their best and most professional service (after all, we don’t expect gifts from […]

homevalueleads May 3rd, 2018

Traditional Marketing Strategy Roundup

Traditional marketing should not be pushed to the sidelines to make room for digital marketing. In fact, as a real estate agent, you should focus on how to streamline it and make it better. We’ve put together our list of posts this year dedicated to traditional marketing all here in one place. Which ones will […]


Renae Mar 19th, 2018

Real Estate Listing Video Tips from the Pros

Are you still on the fence about creating real estate videos? We hope not! We asked some of the most successful real estate agents around the country to share with us the do’s and don’ts that they have experienced in incorporating video into their listings. Liane Jamason, Broker Associate | Jamason Realty Group “I have […]


Renae Mar 5th, 2018

Be a Media Real Estate Resource

As a real estate agent, you no doubt have a wealth of information to share. Day and day out, you are in the trenches, working with clients, enacting the latest processes and putting into play trends in the industry to help your clients buy and sell their homes. You could share this information on your […]


Renae Feb 27th, 2018

How to Use Squeeze Pages for Real Estate Leads

The phrase “squeeze page” doesn’t sound like it would be something that a real estate agent could use in his or her marketing toolkit. However, if you want more real estate seller leads and to get leads from email addresses, then it is an absolute must! What is a Squeeze Page? You’ve seen squeeze pages […]


Renae Feb 22nd, 2018

Create a Neighborhood Video to Attract Leads

Listings are not an island in and of themselves. Houses on the market, of course, exist in the context of a neighborhood, an area filled with places to eat, things to do and highlights to see. So why should you, as a real estate agent, only focus on attracting leads with a plain old listing? […]


Renae Feb 20th, 2018