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Everything to Know About Door Knocking Scripts

Why You Must Consider Door Knocking to Generate Real Estate Leads Real estate agents can generate leads in various ways. Some of the most common ways include a Facebook lead generation campaign, setting up a website and drive traffic to the site, networking with other real estate agents and setting up open houses and inviting […]


homevalueleads Aug 1st, 2019

How to Follow Up on Real Estate Leads

We recently published a blog about how to keep track of your real estate leads. Keeping track of real estate leads is exceptionally important. One of the things we discussed was how using manual tracking would work perfectly for a door knocking strategy while outside of a door knocking strategy, manual tracking doesn’t serve much […]


homevalueleads May 8th, 2019

How to Get Buyer Leads for Real Estate

One of our latest blogs discusses four ways real estate agents can convert online leads into actual customers. Some of the ways we discuss that will help agents convert more leads is to share their knowledge and communicate their expertise. Those are two excellent ways to convert online leads, but online leads are often seller […]


homevalueleads Apr 30th, 2019

How to Manage Real Estate Leads

We recently published a blog, How to Convert Online Real Estate Leads in 4 Easy Steps, that details the best way for real estate agents to convert online real estate leads into actual customers. Generating leads is the first part. Converting leads into customers is where the real magic happens. The more leads real estate […]


homevalueleads Apr 26th, 2019

How to Keep Track of Real Estate Leads

One of our recently published blogs discussed best Facebook practices to generate leads. As our name suggests, we believe strongly in lead generation. Generating real estate leads is the cornerstone of any healthy business. However, just generating leads won’t lead to converting those leads into customers and then turning those customers into sales. In other […]


homevalueleads Apr 23rd, 2019

How to Convert Online Leads in Real Estate Customers in 4 Easy Steps

For real estate agents, nothing could be scarier than the prospect of having to convert a lead. We spend a lot of time thinking about generating leads, without leads, we can’t get customers, and that is what it’s called conversion. When a lead you generated turns into a customer, that right there is conversion. And […]


homevalueleads Apr 15th, 2019

Facebook Best Practices to Generate Real Estate Leads

Last month, we published numerous blogs on one of the unsung ways for real estate agents to generate leads. By discussing in detail the real estate agent door knocking strategy, we provided agents with a way for them to generate leads without having to rely exclusively on word of mouth, networking, or Internet-based ways to […]


homevalueleads Apr 11th, 2019

Real Estate Door Knocking Scripts: A Primer

A real estate agent is only successful if the real estate agent has clients. If an agent doesn’t provide services to buyers or sellers or both, the real estate agent is doomed to fail. That’s why at Home Value Leads we put an emphasis on lead generation. We believe so much in lead generation that […]


homevalueleads Mar 25th, 2019

How to Create a Real Estate Door Knocking Location Strategy

We’ve published multiple blogs in the last few weeks on virtual staging. Virtual staging is this day and age’s way of home staging properties for sale. While in the past, real estate agents had to spend money to stage homes, companies selling virtual staging software have knocked away that requirement. Nowadays, real estate agents must […]


homevalueleads Mar 22nd, 2019

6 Reasons to Consider Knocking on Doors to Generate Real Estate Leads

A myriad of ways exist for real estate agents to generate leads. One of those ways is to use Home Value Leads Facebook advertising process. Another way is to network and follow up with individuals you’ve placed into your sphere of influence. Or, you could use good old word of mouth marketing to generate leads. […]


homevalueleads Mar 20th, 2019