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Top 9 Best Real Estate Podcasts 2023

There are so many real estate podcasts available that going through them all and deciding which ones are worth listening to can take a considerable chunk of your valuable time. But don’t worry; we’ve spared you the hassle because our research has enabled us to find the best of the best real estate podcasts for […]

Rita Akekelwa Jun 30th, 2023

Real Estate Virtual Assistants: The Complete Guide

Jump to: What Is a Virtual Real Estate Assistant? Pro’s Cons How Much Do You Pay a Virtual Assistant? How To Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Business Growth Tasks for a Virtual Assistant in Real Estate How Do I Become a Virtual Real Estate Agent? Best Real Estate Virtual Assistant Companies in 2023 Wrap […]

Rita Akekelwa Mar 29th, 2023

How Real Estate Teams Work: Structure, Advantages & Disadvantages

Do you get enough leads to justify forming a real estate team? Or are you receiving too many listings and transactions that you’re turning down new leads? Does lead generation keep you so occupied that you can’t focus on generating new business? These are all important questions before starting a real estate team. Once these […]

Rita Akekelwa Mar 2nd, 2023

Top 11 Best Real Estate Data Providers in 2023

There’s nothing worse than missing out on the deal of the century just because you found out about it too late. If you don’t want that to happen, you need a good data provider! Imagine if a prospective buyer walks into your office, and you don’t have enough listings to show them, or your prospective […]

Rita Akekelwa Jan 6th, 2023

10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Fail

Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Fail You may think that being a real estate agent is easy, but not all real estate agents are successful. It takes a lot of drive and training to make it in the business of property. Let’s look at ten tips that can differentiate between make or break for real […]

Rita Akekelwa Oct 3rd, 2022

How to do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): A Real Estate Agent Guide

It’s a challenge figuring out how much a house is worth when a potential client asks an estate agent to evaluate their home. Many factors determine it, and at the end of the day, it almost seems subjective. But, pricing property is a science and is best determined through a real estate comparative market analysis […]

Rita Akekelwa Aug 26th, 2022

20 Ideas on How to Get Real Estate Leads in 2023

If you are a Real Estate Agent, connecting with ideal prospects is essential for your business to succeed in 2023. At times, the process of looking for real estate leads can be overwhelming. The real estate business is no doubt competitive. Traditionally, real estate agents used to door knock for new business. Either that or […]

Rita Akekelwa Aug 25th, 2020

2023 Google Ads for Successful Campaigns: Real Estate Guide

Table of contents: Invest in Google Ads in 2023? Types of Google Ads Campaigns How do I advertise my real estate agency? Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Successful Google Ads Campaign Quality Score Google Ads Examples How Much Should You Spend? Seller Leads with Google Ad Campaigns In this day and age, successful real estate […]

Rita Akekelwa Apr 8th, 2020

The 2023 Real Estate Open House Guide

Become an expert on open houses with our 2023 Real Estate Open House guide. From tips to ideas and answers to your most common questions, our guide provides you with everything you need to run a successful open house.  Table of contents: How to Host an Open House in 2023? Basics Preparing Top 2 Tools […]

Rita Akekelwa Jan 27th, 2020

How to Keep Track of Real Estate Leads

One of our recently published blogs discussed best Facebook practices to generate leads. As our name suggests, we believe strongly in lead generation. Generating real estate seller leads is the cornerstone of any healthy business. However, just generating real estate leads won’t lead to converting those leads into customers and then turning those customers into […]

Home Value Leads Apr 23rd, 2019