Tips and Ideas For Building Your Real Estate Database And Network

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Having a strong real estate database and network of prospects is integral to keep your business running successfully. Without new leads coming in from your network, it will be difficult to bring in enough income to sustain yourself. Consider these tips and ideas for building your real estate database and network so that you can properly maintain a pipeline of leads that you can work towards converting into satisfied clients.

Get Organized

If you do not already have a single, streamlined way of organizing your real estate database and network, this should be your first step. Many realtors and other business professionals rely on a CRM, or customer relationship management tool. These tools often use the Cloud and allow you to store contacts and make notes about them or set reminders of important events or deadlines involving each contact. For single agents or brokers with a small team, stick with a specific real estate CRM. If you run a much larger team, you may need a more sophisticated CRM where  you can generate reports that will show you information about where your leads are coming from and how many of them are being converted into successful real estate transactions.

Block Out Database Management Time

No matter which tips and ideas for building your real estate database and network you decide to follow, if you do not make the time for these strategies they will not be very successful for you. Spend some time working on your database and make sure that it is as current as possible. You might want to work on your real estate database once a day or once a week. Whatever your decision, stick to your plan so that you can reap the benefits of an organized, accurate database.

Expand Your Horizons

When it comes to your real estate network, there are most likely a few ways of meeting contacts that you are currently neglecting. Think about your daily networking activities and try to determine where you are falling short. For example: are you spending a majority of your marketing time on managing your website for inbound leads? Next week, try to reduce the time you spend on your website and replace it with in-person networking. Varying your efforts is among the best tips and ideas for building your real estate database and network.

Don’t Just Stay In Touch To Sell

Within your real estate network, you probably have some contacts that are not currently ready to buy or sell a house but may develop this need in the future. When you reach out to communicate with these people, don’t just focus on why they should become a client of yours. Ask them about their own interests and pursuits and see if you can find a way to help them. Positioning yourself as someone who can help your contacts, even outside of your field, will make them much more likely to turn to you when they need real estate assistance.

Thinking about the best tips and ideas for building your real estate database and network is very important if you want to maintain a healthy list of contacts and keep them accessible to you at all times. Follow this advice and you will have an easier time managing your real estate database and network. What tools do you use to manage your clients? Let us know in the comments below.

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