Samuel Rifkin Is Busier Than Ever Thanks To Home Value Leads

Home Value Leads | August 12, 2022 | Agent Spotlight

Samuel Rifkin Shares His Success With Home Value LeadsEvery day, we are asked “Does Home Value Leads really work? What can I do to make it successful?” Of course, we are going to say the system works. 1) Because we are biased, and 2) Because it really does WORK. So rather than you hearing it from us, we introduced the Agent Spotlight where we highlight one of our clients who is using Home Value Leads to enhance their real estate lead generation and give you some tips on how to enhance yours as well.

Agent Spotlight: Samuel Rifkin of Keller Williams Realty

Samuel Rifkin is a real estate agent in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with Keller Williams. He’s been very successful using the Home Value Leads system and we wanted to ask him a few questions about his success and how he got there.

HVL: Samuel, you recently completed 2 months with Home Value Leads. Can you give us a rundown of how it went?
Samuel: It was excellent. I generated 232 leads in just over 2 months. Out of those, I have 2 closings this month and another one scheduled for next month (my team got both sides on that one) that are all a direct result of Home Value Leads. Of course I have a ton of leads still in my pipeline as well. I love these numbers.

HVL: That’s amazing! Can you give us an idea of the process that you go through when a lead comes in? What’s your follow up strategy?
Samuel: When a lead comes with an email address, it gets added to an email drip campaign as well as a mailed campaign. In the next day or so after a lead comes in, I uses the MLS to pull the comps for everything in the area usually about 30 homes with pictures and use ToolKitCMA to create a quick presentation. This takes all of about 5-10 minutes per lead to create, print, and package for the mail. The email campaign that I use follows up every week for 8 weeks then drops off the every 15 days and then every month and then towards the end about every 45 days. This email campaign is set to follow up for approximately 2 years so you can just set it in the start and forget it.

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The mailed campaign gets mailed out every week for 8 weeks and then stops. Also at the very beginning I put the address into ColeRealtyResource to get the phone number and then call in the beginning 3 times at different parts of the day and then the calls drop to every week or so and then every month and so on. My mentality is call them until they list or tell you to stop. You can’t be afraid to be told no. Trust me, I have had my broker called because they said that I called too much. My brokers response to me was “this is the kind of problems I like to hear because this means your doing your job.”

HVL: How does Home Value Leads compare to other lead generation services you have used in the past? What is different?
Samuel: I have tried other services in the past for sellers and there were a few major differences that I didn’t like. First of all, the front end on others is just ugly. Secondly, the one that I tried didn’t rescale right on mobile, which is about 60% of my traffic. The biggest flaw when I was with the one is that on the back end there was no way to disable the automated home value reports. In my areas it was way off, so I need a way to disable automatic values and this was not an option. So I’ve tried the competition during the free trials and left but now have been with HVL for over two months at this point and I have no plans of going anywhere.

HVL: Why is it that some agents are successful while others aren’t?
Samuel: There is no one secret to success, but you have to take the time read up on how the systems work. Don’t be afraid to spend some money to learn the process and test what converts best in your area. I have tried out Facebook ads, Bing ads, and Google Adwords. My personal opinion is that Facebook gives you quantity, not quality. It’s because your putting it in front of them, where as with Google they are searching it out. You pay more for the clicks on Google but you get way more complete leads. I have tried Bing and using the same keywords as Google over one week I had 2 clicks. I think this is just my area that predominately uses Google, so I ditched Bing and have been focusing all my efforts and money in to Google Adwords. This is my best converter. I had knowledge of Adwords because this is what I use for buyer PPC as well. My first Facebook ad that I ran had 4 clicks and 2 leads, and I spent around 20 bucks. My second one I got over 38 clicks and about 26 leads, all for 20 bucks as well. As time goes on, you will get more leads and convert a higher percentage as you figure out what works in your area.

Samuel Rifkin is busier than ever thanks to Home Value Leads.

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