Circle Prospecting: Scripts, Techniques & Tools To Get More Listings

Rita Akekelwa | July 29, 2022 | Marketing

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Getting many listings can be challenging without proper technique. Real estate agents make countless calls, go door-to-door, and promote their services on social media. Yet, they still often fall short in getting enough listings per week.

What if we told you there is a way to receive 200 leads daily to ensure you get more weekly listings? It all depends on your strategy. Circle prospecting proves to be one of the most efficient strategies realtors use today.

If you want to discover what circle prospecting is and how real estate agents create effective techniques, read this article to find out more. We’ll also provide you with circle prospecting scripts and tips on getting more listings.

Circle Prospecting Scripts

Circle prospecting is a lead generation strategy whereby real estate agents reach out to homeowners in the same area as recently sold or recently listed homes.

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When you show social proof by mentioning your listings in the area, these connections allow neighbors to trust you, which helps you to generate leads much faster.

Here are some compelling circle prospecting script examples for different situations:

Standard Real Estate Circle Prospecting Script

Hi ____, this is _____ with [company name], and I’m calling because I’m working with some buyers looking to move to your neighborhood. As you probably know, virtually everything on the market is already sold! So I promised my buyers I’d call around to the neighborhood.

Do you have any friends or neighbors who have thought about moving? Have you thought about moving in today’s hot market?

Thank you for thinking about that. Have you considered investing in real estate while we’re at historically low-interest rates combined with home values that remain well below the peak?

Tom Ferry Circle Prospecting Script (Just Listed)

“This is Christina Griffin with the Griffin Group at Coldwell Banker. We just listed a home in your community XXXX. If you know anyone looking to move, give us a call.”

[Tom Ferry helped Christina Griffin create this fantastic just-listed circle prospecting script that got them 200 leads in one day!]

Mike Ferry Circle Prospecting Script (Just Sold)

Hi, this is __________ with _________ . I (my company) recently sold a home in your area over on _______________ . It has ___ bedrooms and ___ baths, and it sold for $______________ .

We know when someone sells a home, usually two more sell right away. So I was wondering …

      1. When do you plan on moving? (Never) Terrific!
      2. How long have you lived at this address? (10 yrs.) Great!
      3. Where did you move from? (LA) Good For You!
      4. How did you happen to pick this area? (Job transfer) Excellent!
      5. If you were to move, where would you go next? (Back to LA) That’s Exciting!
      6. And when would that be? (3 months) Fantastic!

Only go forward if they say three months or less!

      • Obviously, you realize it could take 1 to 3 months in this market to get a home sold. Did you know that? (No) Terrific!
      • So, my question is, do you have to be sold in 1 month, or do you want to start selling at that time? (Sold) Wonderful!
      • Fortunately, to get you one step closer to (LA) all we need to do now is simply set an appointment so I can help you get what you want in the time you want. Won’t that be great? ( ) Fantastic!
      • Which would be better for you: Monday or Tuesday at 4pm?

Circle Prospecting Tools

Using the necessary technology and tools is essential to making the circle prospecting method work for you.

Three basic circle prospecting tools include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, quality data from REDX GeoLeads™, and a power dialer. Here’s a more in-depth look at these three tools.

CRM (customer relationship management software)

CRM systems help agents manage leads and client communication. They are a daily part of real estate agents’ lives and are necessary to their brokerage success. Here are a few of the top CRM software.

      1. Home Value Leads CRM

        Home Value Leads is the best CRM. It provides agents with follow-up tools, automated emails and texts, and mass communication tools. They also offer an Al-powered Inside Sales Agent (ISA) that responds to clients for you within minutes.

      2. Top Producer

        Top Producer provides agents with automated email options, transaction management tools, and many built-in integrations. It’s one of the best CRMs due to its specialized lead-nurturing tools.

      3. Market Leader

        Market Leader is the best real estate lead generation CRM. They offer robust marketing automation tools, automated text listing alerts, and list properties directly on your website. They even guarantee you a specific lead volume every month.

Quality Data from REDX GeoLeads™

Quality Data is a must-have tool for circle prospecting. It offers you the contact information of homeowners in a specific area within seconds.

This makes circle prospecting a much easier and faster process for agents. This starter plan ensures that you gain at least 2,500 leads per month.

The GeoLeads™ Plus version offers 7,500 leads per month, market trend data, homeowner financial insights, and more.

Save Time with a Power Dialer

For efficient circle prospecting, you need a powerful dialer that allows you to contact entire neighborhoods faster than it would take you to dial by hand.

Tips & Techniques

      1. Don’t Overthink Your Script

        Agents new to circle prospecting are prone to overthink their scripts because they want to do a good job. But it’s important to remember that a script is just a guideline to maintain the conversation.

      2. You’re Not Using Circle Prospecting Just to Get Leads

        As an agent, you must remember that you might not always get leads immediately. The point of circle prospecting is for homeowners to think of you the second they need someone to help them sell or buy a house. To be that person, you must put in the time, effort, and money to become familiar with them and appear capable.

      3. Bigger Is Not Better

        Aiming to contact 200 homes surrounding your just listed or sold property will do you more harm than good. The further you go, the less relevant it will be to that home due to differences in home size and specifications. Instead, aim for 50 homes or less and ensure that the targeted homes are similar.

      4. Door Knocking Is Your Best Friend

        Don’t be afraid to go door-knocking. Most new agents are fearful of rejection but don’t need to be. The point of lead generation and marketing is not being afraid to work hard and risk rejection. By knocking on their door, you have already proven your capability and won their trust.

      5. Use Multiple Methods of Reaching Out To Homeowners

        It’s important to consider that not everyone is the same. While some prefer texts, others may prefer calls, postcards, or a knock on the door. Try the different methods to maximize your response rate.


There you have it. These are some of the best scripts and techniques you could follow regarding circle prospecting for the best lead results.

More than anything else, it’s important to remember to be empathetic towards your clients over following a script.

People will trust someone who cares over an agent who wants to make a sale. This method will take time and effort, but it’s worth it for the outstanding results it brings.

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