The Importance of Seller Leads For Real Estate Agents

homevalueleads | July 23, 2014 | Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Working as a professional real estate agent not only requires the ability to show homes and properties that are appealing, but it also requires the ability to generate home seller leads. Understanding the importance of seller leads for real estate agents is a way for you to determine your best methods to help reach potential clients who require representation in your city or state.

Why Seller Leads?

In real estate, there is a saying “List to Last.” Statistically, each listing that you get should also generate at least 2 buyer leads if you are adverting and following up correctly. Building an inventory of listings is the easiest way to take your real estate business to the next level. There is a reason that teams have multiple buyer’s agents for each listing agent on the team. Listings generate a ton of buyer interest, and only one person can buy that listing so the rest have to find another home. So where can you get seller listing leads for real estate agents?

Benefits of Seller Leads Online

Getting seller leads can be done with both local and online marketing plans. The benefits of generating seller leads for real estate agents online vs offline is that you can target potential listings much, much more accurately than you can via offline methods. Traditional post card campaigns usually have a response rate of 1-2% where as Pay Per Click advertising can generate a 5-10% response rate. Obtaining a seller lead without investing large amounts of money is best done with the use of online lead generation programs for real estate agents. Using lead generation tools online can help to save time and money while reaching a much more expansive audience base of users.

Building your reputation and generating seller leads is essential when you want to work successfully in real estate, whether you choose to work for a real estate agency or if you want to work solo. Generating seller leads for real estate agents can be made simple with the use of local resources as well as online software to help with building your career and making a professional name for yourself in the industry.

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