How To Get Real Estate Leads

homevalueleads | September 18, 2018 | Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

To drum up business, all real estate agents must generate leads. Real estate agents can use social media to generate leads. Social media might not be the most effective way to generate leads, though. In fact, a couple of other ways to generate real estate agent leads could lead to much more success than just relying on social media.

Check out the Top 3 ways real estate agents can generate leads.

3 Top Ways to Generate Real Estate Agent Leads

  1. Word of Mouth Lead Generation and Testimonials

Nothing beats word of mouth lead generation. Whom are potential clients more likely to listen to? You via a social media post? Or, their friends and families. You use word of mouth to build your sphere of influence. Why not use word of mouth to generate real estate agent leads?

But, don’t just stop with word of mouth lead generation. Also, ask your happy clients if they could provide a testimonial for you on sites like Trulia, Zillow, Yelp and LinkedIn. You should see an uptick in lead generation once clients get involved.

  1. Real Estate Lead Generation Software

You can easily generate leads via lead generation software. Although not a real estate lead generating magic bullet, lead generation software might be as close as possible to the mythical magic bullet.

With lead generation software, you can generate leads in the matter of minutes. The better the software the more quality the leads. Don’t just go with any lead generation software. Make sure you look for efficient software. Also, like always, expect to do some post-lead generation work. You must qualify each lead, no matter where you get it, before putting in the harder work of finding a home or selling a home.

  1. Social Media Real Estate Lead Generation

We don’t want to discount social media lead generation, but we do want to write that nobody designed social media to create leads. A simple rule is to not overdo it. Most people we communicate with via social media are there to express opinions, or, well, be social. They aren’t looking to purchase or sell a home.

Engage on social media and see if you can naturally generate leads. If you stick to social media norms, you might be surprised at how many leads you do generate once your social media friends discover what you do for a living.

Nobody ever said that generating real estate agent leads was easy. It takes hard work and patience. By utilizing the three ways to generate leads we list here, agents can rev up their lead generating machines.

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