Testimonials are Your Friends in Real Estate for Leads

Renae Virata | April 30, 2015 | Marketing

Testimonials are Your Friends in Real Estate for LeadsWhenever a prospective home seller lead or buyer lead talks with you, is one of the first things they ask are for testimonials? Then maybe it’s time, if you haven’t already (and many of you are!) to ensure you have a steady flow of testimonials to provide to potential real estate clients.

Testimonials are different from reviews in that you actively solicit the information about how well you did from your current real estate clients. In essence, you are able to fashion the testimonial how you’d like to see it based on the questions you ask.

Good Questions to Ask Clients

  • A good rating system for a few brief questions such as “How responsive was I to your calls and questions?” “How well did I answer your questions?” “How helpful was I throughout the process?” “How timely was the process to meet your needs?” “How confident do you feel that you received the results you expected from my real estate services?” are good questions to start with. No more than five to six questions should give you a well-rounded idea from a statistical perspective of your work. Keep it simple with a range of 1 to 5, five being the best, 3 neutral and 1 not at all.
  • “Briefly comment on which area of your home selling/buying experience I was able to help you the most.”
  • “What surprised you the most in how I was able to help you with your home selling/buying experience?”
  • “Would you feel confident referring me to your friends and family for their real estate needs?”
  • “On a personal level, how did you feel about the level of service I provided?”

You can probably think of more, but these are a good start.

Collect Those Testimonials

In the midst of all the calls, meetings and administrative work that you have to do in order to maintain and grow your real estate business, it’s a good idea to get organized from the get-go with your testimonials. Develop a branded one-pager survey that you can provide to clients with their closing or new home packets. Be sure to remind them of the survey and that you will also email it to them so they can easily fill it out in the email and send back.

You can also use a service like Survey Monkey to distribute your client testimonial survey. For up to 100 responses, you can set up a simple and slightly branded email survey for free and collect the data in one place, especially for the ratings questions.

Consider utilizing a third party service if you aren’t comfortable asking. These companies, such as Agent Reputation, can take your testimonials and put them where they will be the most effective at being found and generating more leads for you.

It’s important to share the testimonial before you post it anywhere with the client just to make sure they feel comfortable with what is written. This is especially imperative if you decide to clean up the testimonial a bit for spelling, grammatical and word usage errors, optimize it for search engines, or if you want to consolidate the answers into a more concise “story.”

Share Your Testimonials

  • Your website. Have a dedicated page that lists each testimonial. Only list first name and last name initial and even a photo of your client in front of their new home (great to do at or before closing!) if they are okay with your posting it. Make sure each one is formatted the same. Having a brief title that summarizes each testimonial will give your web visitors and potential clients a hint of what the testimonial is about and highlights the areas that you specialize in or in which you were able to help clients. This could be as simple as “First-Time Homeowners” or “Scaling Down”.
  • Social media. Once you have the Testimonials page down, post in on your Facebook page in the About section for prospects to easily reach the page. Dedicate a day every two weeks or once a month to posting a new testimonial that you feel is worthy of sharing with your network.
  • Newsletters. Use the dedicated web link to your Testimonials page here, too, and leave room in each newsletter for a “Latest Testimonial” or ‘What Clients Are Saying…” section.

Don’t leave your clients in the target and scramble to come up with examples of great real estate work you’ve done. Have a good list of testimonials on hand and make it easy for you – and the prospective home seller or buyer – to share and learn more about you and your real estate services with just a simple click of the button.

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Renae Virata