Set It and (Sort of) Forget It: Real Estate Drip Campaigns

Renae | June 13, 2016 | Marketing

Set It and (Sort of) Forget It: Real Estate Drip CampaignsDrip campaigns are one of the best and easiest ways to follow up with both home seller and home buyer leads that you receive. Additional benefits of drip campaigns include familiarity with your services, reputation and brand as well as keeping you top of mind with leads.

Every real estate CRM, lead generation software or email marketing tool should have a way for you to automate drip campaigns. In order to get the most from yours and how to set yours up, take a look at the help section or get in touch with a representative from the company to learn how.

Your seller and buyers’ needs are definitively different, so it is important that you send messages that resonate specifically to each. As a real estate agent, you have a wealth of different information that each group would love to know. It’s as easy as organizing the content in advance then setting it to go out at the best time.

Home Buyer Drip Campaigns

If you primarily work with home buyers or if this group is a significant portion of your client base, then you will want to send them drip campaigns that speak to educating them on the homes you sell as well as the buying process.

The most obvious content to send out is a link to your current listings. Make sure that you have a page on your website or on a website where your latest listings are consolidated and include that in your email.

Your subject title can be a great hint as to the type of homes and the specific neighborhood you serve. For example, “Top 10 Listings in [Neighborhood]” or “Latest Listings Under “$500,000 in [Neighborhood]” are intriguing titles that will get home buyers to read further and want to know more.

For this specific email, you could also update your campaigns ever so often to include one to a few homes that you’d like to highlight with a description next to their picture of what makes these homes special.

Another topic of interest to home buyers is neighborhood information. Perhaps you have stellar schools or proximity to a hot new mixed-use or retail development in that area. Write a short message that showcases “Why People Love Living in [Neighborhood].” To give it some heft and to personalize the message from your business, you can ask, with permission, for testimonials from your latest home buying clients in that area to include.

Do you have a series of blog posts that are specific to home buyers? This could be a handy way to be a resource for these leads. Help them navigate the current market and include the titles to your posts, hyperlinked to each.

Home Seller Drip Campaigns

Homeowners looking to list may take a little more work, but that’s where drip campaigns come in handy. With all of the competition out there, your steady flow of informative emails could tip the scales in your favor and land you some listings.

Campaigns for potential listing clients is similar in scope to home buyers, with some tweaks. For example, instead of your latest listings, you will want to send this group your most successful sales. Testimonials are perfect to include here so that they get an idea of the work you do. Provide a wide range of testimonials that speak to different aspects of your services.

One of your emails could also be a “get to know me” video email, with one of your videos from your website or YouTube channel. If you have a brief bio, you can also include, or separately send, some FAQs from home sellers you have successfully answered. This shows your expertise and builds trust immediately with leads.

Similar to home buyer emails, you could include a list of your top seller-focused blog posts.

Finally, most potential listers are very interested in statistics for homes being sold similar to theirs. You can include a link to your website to an updated report for your target area or set up a tag in your CRM or lead generation software that triggers specific reports to go out to specific people. Alternatively, you can have them call you to set up an appointment to discuss their listing or send them to a form on your website for their specific stats.

Drip campaigns are an amazing way to follow up with real estate leads with just a little work up front. One of the worst things you can do with a lead is to not follow up in a timely manner, so if you can set it and forget, why wouldn’t you? Be sure to update your campaigns, test them and to tweak them often so you can improve your conversion rates.

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