How to Target Free Motivated Seller Leads: Review of NAR Profile Of Sellers

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The National Association of REALTORS annual conference is coming up in a few days where they will be releasing the annual “Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers” report for 2014. Some REALTORS, including myself, received an advanced copy and I have been studying it to determine where and how I can change my business. Reading through it, it is clear why seller leads should be your target for 2015 and why having a good platform to generate motivated seller leads is going to be important.

There is a reason that the phrase “list to last” has taken hold in real estate. According to the report, 68% of home sellers remained in the same state with an average move of 20 miles. Combine this with the fact that 72% of sellers then purchased a home of similar price or higher, and you can see why targeting those sellers can cause a huge boost in your business. Not only will you be selling their current home, you will likely also be helping them buy a larger home making your commission even larger. If you can get to them first, 70% of sellers only contact one agent to list their home.

Motivated Seller Lead Demographics To Target

  • The average age of home sellers in 2014 was 54 years old
  • The typical seller had lived in the home for 10 years.
  • 74% of sellers were married
  • 76% of sellers had no children in the household
  • 81% of home sellers sold a single family, detached home.

Primary Reasons For Moving

Now that we have discussed the demographics of those motivated seller leads, let’s review how to target them. Remember, if you can connect on an emotional level or make your advertisement more personal to them, they will be more likely to become a lead and convert. One of the fastest connections you can make is to target the motivation of the seller. For people who moved less than 10 miles, the following were the largest motivators:

  • Home is too small (30%)
  • Home is too large (15%)
  • Change in Family situation such as marriage, birth of a child, or divorce (14%)
  • Neighborhood has become less desirable (13%)

Naturally, these are national statistics and real estate is a local business. Make sure you know what your statistics look like, but you can certainly use some of these demographics to help build your advertisements. If you need a tool that can help you generate motivated seller leads, review Home Value Leads with a free 14 day trial.

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