Attract Real Estate Leads with Buyer Workshops

Regina Brown | April 10, 2015 | Marketing, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Real Estate Buyer WorkshopsPicture this:  A funnel of prospective real estate leads coming to YOUR location, month after month, year after year.  Buyers who respect your knowledge as the professional and want to learn from you.  Real estate leads who will trust you with their home search.  Prospects who value your time and expertise as a local real estate specialist. Yes, you can make this happen by hosting buyer workshops every month.  When you create an atmosphere of learning, giving value and educating the community, you will naturally develop real estate leads as a result.

Holding regular home buyer workshops is a great way to attract your ideal client.  They are coming straight to you, instead of your looking for them. Generate new real estate leads each month as they join your training courses.

The workshop publicity builds your brand in your city.  You are perceived as the go-to knowledgeable pro that people turn to when they want answers about the home buying process.  You develop a positive reputation in your community.

Sending out invites and flyer is an excuse to contact renters who are ripe for home ownership.  Because they must take action on their part, you will attract more serious, qualified, motivated real estate leads, rather than looky-loos.  Do your marketing once and have multiple buyers seeking YOU.

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Although naturally the theme of First Time Home Buyers is great, you can also hold workshops on various other buying topics, such as

  • Military & VA loans
  • Move-Up Buyers
  • Second/Vacation Homes
  • Resort Homes
  • Investor Buyers
  • International Buyers

The best time to hold a workshop is generally a weeknight or Saturday morning.  A three-hour format offers the best flow.  It’s enough time for check-in, meet-&-greet, multiple speakers and a short break.  Offer free refreshments so people feel comfortable mingling.  Form a “workshop committee” and get speakers, vendors and sponsors to participate as partners, speakers, and help cut the costs. Recruit the assistance of a lender who can talk about financing or even pre-approve people right on the spot. Partner with a general contractor who can talk about making repairs or flipping. Team up with an inspector to discuss common issues found when buying a home and the repairs that need to be made versus the ones that don’t. You will be making your job easier before it ever starts.

Question:  Should you charge a fee to attendees or offer it for free?  To generate high quality real estate leads, I suggest charging a fee big enough to get people committed yet small enough not to impact their budget.  If it’s free, people don’t place any value on it.  Experiment and see what works for you.

The best venue is your office because your real estate leads will then feel comfortable coming back for an appointment to work with you.  However, if your office is too small to accommodate 10 to 30 people for a workshop, consider borrowing the office of a local mortgage lender or your favorite escrow company.  They will be involved in the workshop anyway, so that’s a logical fit.

Another great venue is a local church with plenty of seating, a library conference room or a community center.  These types of venues will generally be free or low-cost and will be located in the neighborhood you’re targeting.  I don’t recommend meeting at a fancy hotel as it’s quite expensive and can be a turn-off to your real estate leads, who might be blue-collar workers.  Also avoid restaurants as they are often noisy and the food can be a distraction.

Want to target seller leads instead of buyers?  That’s possible too.  Think about topics that current home owners would be interested in.  For example, 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges, Putting Your Property Into a Living Trust, Avoiding Foreclosure, When to Short Sale, Home Improvements to Increase your House’s Value and Turning Your Home into a Rental.

No matter the topic, best results will be realized when you hold regular consistent workshops every month.  The community sees you as dependable, and they know they can count on you and your educational programs.  In turn, you can count on regular real estate leads dripping into your pipeline!

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Regina Brown