How Real Estate Agents Can Use Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday, Nov. 26 this year, has become one of the biggest shopping day during the holidays. It’s almost bigger than Black Friday. In many ways, it’s bigger than Black Friday because it involves most every company that sells their products online.

Creative real estate agents can use Cyber Monday to keep in touch with their clients. They could offer any of the 14 things we listed in a blog. We provide further Cyber Monday thoughts along with a Cyber Monday home valuation process that all real estate agents can employ.

Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Cyber Monday

Remember What Cyber Monday’s About…Great Deals!

The first thing that’s important is for real estate agents to remember that Cyber Monday’s about great deals. While Thanksgiving’s about being selfless, Cyber Monday’s about providing great deals to clients and potential clients.

Talk to Contractors About A Cyber Monday Deal for Your Clients

One way to provide a great deal is to go in with a contractor you respect and offer home improvements at a discount. This takes pre-planning, but think of the benefits to your real estate agent clients, your contractor friends, and you.

The first thing you must do is come up with a list of a few contractor friends that not only are willing to offer discounts on their services, but also have time. This is much easier said than done because contractors are busy like everyone else.

Once you’ve found a contracting friend, maybe even two, that want to go in with you, look for some clients who might be interested in home improvements. Call them and let them know that to celebrate Cyber Monday, you and your contracting friend is offering discounted services.

Offer Free Cyber Monday Home Valuations

Free home valuations only work if you send out flyers or get in touch with prospective clients before Cyber Monday. You should offer free home valuations no matter what, but you could spruce it up for Cyber Monday by offering the free valuations along with Cyber Monday gift cards.

You most definitely can’t offer a gift card of more than $5 to $10. However, if you provide those gift cards along with your flyer offering the free home valuation, you could generate massive leads.

Make sure to offer generic Cyber Monday gift cards. $5 or $10 on might work best because leads can then decide to purchase whatever they want. Plus, folds right into the Cyber Monday theme.

Cyber Monday’s become almost as popular as any shopping day during the holidays. In many ways, it’s even more popular now than Black Friday. Real estate agents can use Cyber Monday themed ways to generate leads.

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