Honesty and Transparency In Real Estate

homevalueleads | August 21, 2014 | Real Estate Agent Industry Reports

Honesty, Transparency and Being Genuine: The new approach to real estate that is changing everything.

Real estate is one of the modern industries that has been affected the most by the Internet boom. Thanks to the rapid pace at which information is now exchanged and the widespread prevalence of the Internet in homes and public locations, real estate buyers and sellers now have the ability to get pages of information about a home or neighborhood with just a few clicks of a mouse.

What does this mean for the way that real estate agents do business? The plethora of information now available for consumers is forcing realtors to be genuine and honest in all of their dealings.

Why Honesty Was Not As Important Before The Information Age

Search engines like Google allow people in the 21st century to get the answers to almost any question they desire in as long as it takes them to type the words out in the search box. Because of sites like Trulia and Zillow, which together represent a vast share of the online real estate world, real estate consumers specifically can find a tremendous amount of information about their real estate needs. The Empowered Forrester research blog has given a name to this phenomenon: the Age of the Customer.

This is a stark contrast to the days before the Internet when people had to rely on sales professionals to get the information they needed. In these days, real estate agents had much more success by positioning themselves as experts in the property field. Customers were more willing to take them at their word that they were being totally upfront about what they said, which gave realtors more leeway to bend the truth as necessary when it benefited their business.

The Difference In The 21st Century

The advent of the Internet and the Age of the Customer has shifted the balance of power in the purchase of many things, including property. With the plethora of blogs, forums, and real estate tools available on the Internet, a consumer can easily find accurate information about real estate concerns they are interested in. This forces realtors to stay honest, since any fibs could easily be exposed using a quick Internet search.

For today’s real estate agents, it is important to be upfront and honest at all times. Clients will often appreciate the truth about the situation that you are working on to improve as opposed to telling a lie that they can expose later. It is too risky for realtors to tell a lie; instead, they must be upfront with their clients and give them details that they are looking for promptly. If not, real estate agents risk compromising their relationship with clients and damaging their reputation.

Honesty, Transparency and Being Genuine: It’s a brave new world out there.


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