Use Craigslist’s Free and Paid Ad Tracker To Generate Real Estate Leads

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***UPDATE: Craigslist recently made a change that prohibits most HTML code in most cities. This change has removed the ability to use Craigslist Ad Tracker for most real estate agents. This has removed many options for free lead generation for real estate. Try the next best thing and check out Home Value Leads. Our system converts clicks into clients at a ridiculously low cost. Get a free 14 day trial and experience it for yourself.***

Craigslist is a great way to generate real estate leads with your Home Value Leads website, but they don’t give you any statistics on how your ads are performing. A great way to get those statistics is to use Craigslist Ad Tracker. When it comes to generating real estate leads with Craigslist, there are 3 key parts of the Ad Tracker that you need to pay attention to:

How to get people to click on your Craigslist Ad
How to get people to click through to your page
How to get people to respond to your call to action

Craigslist Ad Tracker will not do any of these things for you, but rather it will tell you WHERE your problem is so that you can find a solution to it and generate real estate leads with Craigslist.

Generate Real Estate Leads With Craigslist’s Free and Paid Ad Tracker

Like so many other tools out there, there is a free version and a paid version. With the free version, there is a limit of 10 trackers that you can use, but you can register a couple of accounts with different email addresses. I personally use the paid version of Craigslist Ad Tracker because if you are only posting 10 posts on Craigslist, you are doing it wrong!

The information that Craigslist Ad Tracker give you will give you a few key tidbits that will help you to analyze the effectiveness of your real estate ads on craigslist.

Number of Impressions – The number of times that someone has clicked on your ad to see it on Craigslist.

Number of Clicks – The number of times that someone has clicked on the link in your ad to get to your real estate lead generation website.

Click Through Rate – The percentage of people that clicked on your link after reading your ad.

What Do The Numbers Mean?

Number of Impressions

If Craigslist Ad Tracker says the number of impressions for your craigslist ad are low, there are a couple of potential issues that all need to be addressed:

Your ad may have been Ghosted. Craigslist occasionally will “ghost” an ad that it thinks may be spam or overpost. The reason that it is called “Ghosting” is because unless you check Craigslist from another browser that is not logged into Craigslist, it will appear to you as if it posted successfully. No one else can see it.

You posted your craigslist ad at a time when there weren’t many people online to look or too many other posts knocked yours off of the front page. Craigslist only shows 100 posts at a time. Much like Google, few people go past page 1 to look for what they want. Depending on the area you are posting in, there could be hundreds of posts per HOUR.

Your ad headline or title was totally ineffective at getting attention. Look at the headlines on Craigslist. Which ones would you click on if you were looking to buy or sell a house? Why? Now remember that when you are writing your headlines.

Analyze your Craigslist Ad Tracker data and figure out where your issues are. Compare the data in Ad Tracker to the info in Craigslist to see if you can identify patterns based on time, keywords, and titles. Use that information to improve your lead generation.

Number of Clicks

There is really only one thing that affects the number of clicks: The ad itself. Are you writing good ads? Are you giving away too much information in the ad so that viewers have no need to click through for more info? Is your call to action compelling enough to get someone to click through? If you want to generate real estate leads with Craigslist, you need to learn how to write effective ads. Craigslist Ad Tracker can help you to determine which ads are good and which are junk.

Click Through Rate

The Click Through Rate in Craigslist Ad Tracker compares the ratio between impressions and click throughs. 10-15% is a common click through rate, but well crafted ads can yield much more. If you have an ad with very few impressions but a high click through rate, then you have a very strong ad with a weak title. If you have an ad with a lot of impressions but a low click through rate, then you have a great title with a very poor ad. If you have very few impressions and a very low click through rate, it may be time to delete that ad and go back to the drawing board.

Lots of Clicks But No Leads!

So, you have adjusted your ad titles to get a lot of impressions, and you have adjusted your ad copy to get a lot of clicks to your website, but you still aren’t generating real estate leads with Craigslist? Then the problem, my friend is not with Craigslist or your ads… it is with your website and your lead capture. The best ad can do a great job of driving traffic to a store, but if the product is (or appears to be) bad, then it isn’t going to sell. Craigslist Ad Tracker allows you to know your numbers, know where your problem lies, and make adjustments.

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