G Suite for Agents: The Basics

Renae Virata | March 10, 2017 | Real Estate Technology Product Reviews

G Suite for Agents: The BasicsIn your quest for a system that will work for your growing real estate team, you may have come across G Suite. Many agents have asked me about this and wondered what the hubbub is all about. If you have Gmail, after all, then you have access to all of Google’s business apps – basically – right?

In actuality, G Suite offers so much more than your basic access to Google’s online tools. For a business like yours, it can provide you and your agents a comprehensive way to keep documents organized, share calendars and more.

The Basics of G Suite

Google breaks down its business tools package into three different areas: Communication, Collaboration & Storage, and Security & Administration.

The Communication tools provide all the Google apps that everyone loves to use, business and non-business alike. The includes email, calendars, video conferencing and Google+.

You may also be familiar, on a personal level, with Google’s Collaboration & Storage tools. These include Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites and, of course, Drive.

Finally, one area of G Suite that you may not be familiar with is Security & Administration. This is the hub around which you can create settings for your team’s tools. These include Admin, Mobile and Vault.

Now let’s dive a little more deeply into why you would want to use G Suite and what you can compare it to functionally.

Why Use G Suite vs Other Systems

If you’ve been looking for a way for your real estate team to collaborate more smoothly and better, then G Suite is a great option. Google’s apps have always been a favorite because of their ease of use and accessibility. Plus it has always been free. Now, you can use all of these tools amongst your team for a small fee!

What can you compare G Suite to? Office 365 is probably its closest competitor. (More on the comparison in another post.) They both offer productivity tools, but G Suite, according to many users, is more affordable and less complex in its pricing structure.

The Benefits of G Suite

Hands down, G Suite is amazing for bringing together everything you need for your team. Let’s look at its communication tools. First, with email, you can actually have your company’s email assigned to your G Suite account for a more professional appearance. You can also do video conferencing through Google Hangout as as opposed to having to sign up for a separate video conferencing software. What’s more the calendar is tied to your email and Google Hangout, so that you can receive reminders via email and include a Google Hangout link within a calendar invite.

Collaboration works great with G Suite as well. While you may use Word and Excel, for example, over Google’s counterparts Docs and Sheets, respectively, you can always convert the Docs and Sheets to Office products. You can then email them as you normally would. What’s more, you can work on a document with other agents simultaneously, and all changes are saved immediately. As you create documents, you can store them in your Google Drive, with all the functionality that you are used to with your computer’s folders.

Finally, the system and administration tools are all in one place and super easy to follow. Adding users, securing your devices and creating sign-in settings are quick and intuitive. You can also archive your data, just in case. If you need help, then you can always access Google’s help desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you never lose a step.


You can choose from two plans to suit your business. The first is $5 per user, and the second is $10 per user. The second plan provides unlimited storage, among other benefits for your business.

If you’re looking for a straightforward suite of productivity tools, then give G Suite a try. To get started, visit G Suite’s Learning Center.

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Renae Virata