Even 5 More Strategies to Gain New Real Estate Clients

homevalueleads | February 8, 2019 | Real Estate Leads

We believe in the power of the internet. From our perspective, real estate agents can gain a lot of new clients, they can generate plenty of leads through the internet. In our blog, 5 Ways to Generate Leads via the Internet, we discuss some great ways to generate leads online.

But although internet lead generation can be successful, it will never be as successful as other ways to generate leads. One of the reasons is because people don’t trust the internet like they used to.

To generate leads, to gain new clients, real estate agents must employ a strategy. Check out 5 more strategies they can use to gain new clients.

Even 5 More Ways to Gain New Clients

1. Keep tabs on former clients

This is an important one. You must keep tabs on former clients. Two reasons why: a) former clients might want to upgrade from their current home, meaning they intend on selling their current home, b) former clients might know people who intend on selling their homes.

Also, why wouldn’t you want to make sure your former clients are doing okay? This goes back to our blogs on sincerity. You care about your former clients, right? Keep tabs on them, make sure they’re doing okay. It will come back to you in a positive way.  

2. Canvas an area and leave behind something that keeps you top of mind

Canvas a specific area in your neighborhood or near your neighborhood. While canvasing, leave something behind. You can leave packages on doorsteps that lets homeowners know you are a real estate agent and that if they need any help selling their homes, or just need advice in some way, you’re there for them.

The key is to not come off too much like a salesperson. You want to start to develop the relationship right away. If you’re open to helping people, even if they’re not interested in selling their homes right now, you’ll be rewarded in the future.

Think of it like building a home. By offering to help no matter their position right now, you’re setting the foundation.

3. Network

It goes without saying that having a conversation online is different than having a conversation in person. Try to have as many in person conversations a week as you can. Network as much as possible. Network in some way with the lady that sells you flowers at the local grocery store. Network with your trainer and people at the gym. Network, network, network.

Oh, and make sure you’ve got business cards on hand so that you can hand them out.

4. Create an online presence that bolsters your day to day

Your online presence should buffer your day to day activities. So, for example, if you’re going to a network even that night, make sure to tweet about it, or post the specifics on Facebook. If you’re having an open house, your online presence should bolster the open house.

5. Market open houses to everyone

Here’s the key thing about open houses: most people who attend are just curious. That’s not to say that everybody who shows up at an open house aren’t there to buy. That is to say that people who are considering selling their homes will often show up at open houses to check out the process.

Keep that in mind whenever you meet anyone at an open house. Think of ways to market to everyone who shows up at an open house. Also, don’t forget that with open houses you’re not just marketing the home, you’re also marketing yourself as the real estate agent that all potentials should consider signing with.

Real estate agents must use strategies to gain new clients. 5 great strategies are to market to everyone at open houses, create an online presence that bolsters your day-to-day, to always network, to canvas an area and leave behind something that keeps you top of mind. Finally, make sure to keep tabs on your former clients.

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