Tag, You’re It! Different Ways to Tag Your Real Estate Email Lists

Renae Virata | July 22, 2016 | Marketing

Tag, You're It! Different Ways to Tag Your Real Estate Email ListsIf you have built up a pretty good email list of leads and clients, then good for you! Email is still one of the best sources of clients and referrals for real estate agents these days. It’s important to follow up, of course, on your emails, especially once you freshly add someone to your list. A great way to organize your lists for follow up is through the use of tags.

What are Tags?

Most email marketing tools and CRM systems have a way to add a tag to each person on your list. A tag is simply extra information that you add to an email subscriber’s profile. This extra information can help you sort through specific types of clients and create separate lists. You can then send more meaningful information to these lists instead of extraneous information subscribers may not need.

Determining the Tags to Use

We’ll use Follow Up Boss, an email marketing software specifically designed for real estate professionals, as an example.

In Follow Up Boss, you can tag people with any phrase that is 64 characters or less. To give you a good idea of how many characters that is, this sentence “This is about how many average words 64 characters can create” shows us that it is about 10 to twelve. That’s a lot of words, so we recommend that you keep your phrases to five or less to make it easier.

Before you start tagging your subscribers, however, it’s important to do some planning. This means creating a list of tags that can help you organize your contacts first. The worst scenario for this process would be to tag freely then realize that, 100 subscribers in, you should have tagged them completely differently!

The tags should means something to you and your real estate business. Here is a short list of potential tags that you can use:

  • VIP clients
  • Particular neighborhood/subdivision inquiry
  • Particular home type inquiry
  • Concerned about public school system
  • ZIP code desired or originating from
  • Open house leads

The list is endless. You can also easily remove tags per subscriber or one tag from all contacts by filtering them first.


Create Subscriber Lists with Tags

In Follow Up Boss, they make it super easy to use your tags to create certain subscriber lists. Creating a specific subscriber list can help you send the right message to the right leads and clients at the right time.

Using the Filter function, you can see all of the subscribers for a particular tag. Then create your list from those tags. You should then be able to send emails to only these subscribers with the information relevant to them.

Sending Your Emails to Specific Lists Made from Tags

Once you have combed over your lists multiple times and refined them down to your top 10 to 20, it’s time to start planning your emails. Looking at your new lists for specifically tagged subscribers, determine a schedule of topics you’d like to send to them. You can do this easily using a┬áplanner similar to our social media template or create one of your own in a spreadsheet or online project management tool.

You might find that some people on one list are on another. The issue that can arise is sending too many emails to any one person. To alleviate this problem, space all of your emails out evenly, perhaps weekly or bi-weekly.

The result of a campaign that is based on tagged subscribers can mean the difference between a lead becoming a client or a client making a referral to you. Don’t be afraid to refine your tags and, subsequently, your lists as your business and the times change.

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Renae Virata