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How to Create a Real Estate Slide Deck for More Content

In this even faster-paced digital age, real estate agents are not immune to the power of content to attract visitors to their websites. The more useful content you include on your site, the more trust you build with your visitors (and Google!) and the more leads you could potentially get. One way to create additional […]

Renae Virata Dec 23rd, 2015

Real Estate Advertising: Using Instagram Ads to Get Leads

Instagram ads are more than two and a half times more clickable than any other platform, according to a study of 400 global Instagram ads conducted by Nielsen Brand Effect shared by Instagram. This could be a huge win for real estate agents looking to increase their reach to the coveted millennial set. You can […]

Renae Virata Dec 4th, 2015

How to Use Twitter for Real Estate

Have you started a Twitter account for your real estate business yet? If not, then now might be as good a time as any. As of October, Twitter has about 320 million active users worldwide, many of whom could be right in the area where you do business. So, how do you manage your Twitter […]

Renae Virata Nov 30th, 2015

How to Schedule Your Social Media Posts (TEMPLATE)

You have enough to do in your real estate business without having to worry about social media. But as many of you know, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are essential to increasing your reach online to make solid offline connections later. So how do you manage your social media marketing? We have a guide and […]

Renae Virata Oct 30th, 2015

How to Use Instagram for Real Estate

You’ve already started to master Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter for your real estate business…and, now, Instagram? You bet! Your business is built a good portion on visuals, and no other platform is more dedicated to telling a story through pictures than Instagram. Check out our top tips to make it work for every real […]

Renae Virata Sep 25th, 2015

How To Get Home Buyer Leads: Target Renters

The first thing that may come to mind when you think about real estate leads may not be renters. But if you think about the huge opportunity you have to transition apartment dwellers, for example, to homeowners, you might want to consider marketing to this group as part of your portfolio of potential home buyer […]

Renae Virata Apr 29th, 2015

Do eFlyers for Real Estate Leads Work?

An eFlyer is simply a full-color flyer converted to a digital image. Many real estate agents use them because they are quick and easy visual ways to market yourself and your listings. eFlyers can enhance your company image with professional branding. They can elevate your reputation and increase your credibility. eFlyers are a great way to […]

Regina Brown Apr 23rd, 2015

Are Newspaper Ads For Real Estate Dead?

In the “olden times” before social media, the credibility of a real estate brokerage was determined by the size of their Sunday newspaper ads.  Did they have enough listings to fill the page?  If so, their phones would be ringing off the hook Monday morning, and their office would receive the most walk-in traffic that […]

Regina Brown Apr 21st, 2015

Real Estate Marketing: Floor Plans

Hooray!  You snagged that listing.  You wowed the sellers with your listing presentation, and they hired you on the spot. Now you’re the trusted professional and it’s time to implement your real estate marketing plan. Of course you are going to use professional listing photos to market the home, but you also promised them you […]

Regina Brown Apr 17th, 2015

My Friends Look At Zillow Before Ever Calling Me

This post was originally published as a guest post on Inman.com and is being republished here for our audience to discuss. Love them or hate them, Zillow is not going anywhere. Even with ListHub cutting off their feed to Zillow, their business will not suffer. In fact, it could probably make Zillow even more trustworthy […]

Home Value Leads Mar 31st, 2015