Do eFlyers for Real Estate Leads Work?

Regina Brown | April 23, 2015 | Marketing

An eFlyer is simply a full-color flyer converted to a digital image. Many real estate agents use them because they are quick and easy visual ways to market yourself and your listings. eFlyers can enhance your company image with professional branding. They can elevate your reputation and increase your credibility.

eFlyers are a great way to market your listing, advertise an event or promote your company’s services. Use them as part of your listing presentation or to show sellers an example of your marketing strategy. Send listing eFlyers to buyers who inquire about a property for sale. When you win a new listing, send it out to your ready-and-waiting buyers list.

eFlyers Aren’t Just For Buyers Anymore

What else can you do with your eFlyer? First, put it on your website so your visitors can download it easily. You can also post to social media (use the graphic file version) along with a catchy phrase or two. Email it to prospects as a link or attachment. You can incorporate it into your weekly or monthly e-marketing campaign.

For prospective sellers who visit your web site, send them your “Branding You” eFlyer. That’s a marketing piece designed around YOU and your services, rather than advertising a house for sale. They will be impressed with your presentation.

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The only thing you may need to think twice about is sending eFlyers to real estate agents. Unless it’s an extremely unique property or you’re getting the attention of out-of-town agents, they may feel you are bombarding them with basic info that’s already in the MLS. Don’t send your eFlyer to every agent in the MLS because that’s annoying. Instead, get a list of agents who have helped a client buy or sell in that immediate area before since those are the agents who are most likely to have a buyer for your newest listing.

Should you design an eFlyer yourself or hire a professional graphic designer? If you can find it in your budget, I recommend hiring a pro. It will really elevate the style so you stand out head and shoulders above everyone else. A great site is, and you can get sample ideas from their colorful flyers.

If your budget is limited, you can use software to get a similar effect. The sites and have dozens of templates you can use to customize your own flyers for DIY with a personal touch.

What Should You Put On Your eFlyer?

What items should a “Brand You” eFlyer include? Here are the elements you will want to add:

  • Professional photo
  • Backdrop
  • Full name
  • Designations, certifications, awards
  • Company name (as shown on your real estate license)
  • Logo
  • State license # (if required by law)
  • Areas you serve
  • Specialty niche
  • Bio info (brief)
  • Contact info (phone, email, social media handles, link to your blog, website URL)

To create an eFlyer yourself, simply use Microsoft® Publisher® or your favorite graphic design software. The one-page advertisement is usually 8.5” x 11” but can be other sizes as well. Once you create it, print it to PDF (I prefer NitroPro PDF) and save it to your online folder. As a suggestion, also save it as a graphic .JPG or .PNG file so it’s available in several different versions.

How about an automated service that will send out your flyers for you? Make your life simple by using a service such as, or

Whether your eFlyer helps to brand you and your services, advertise a listing or promote a workshop event, these digital documents are your marketing mavens. You don’t even need a listing to use eFlyers and benefit from the results.

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Regina Brown