Real Estate Advertising: Using Instagram Ads to Get Leads

Renae Virata | December 4, 2015 | Marketing, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

How to Make Instagram Ads for Real EstateInstagram ads are more than two and a half times more clickable than any other platform, according to a study of 400 global Instagram ads conducted by Nielsen Brand Effect shared by Instagram.

This could be a huge win for real estate agents looking to increase their reach to the coveted millennial set.

You can use photos, videos and now a new carousel feature to effectively communicate new listings and create a long-term, lasting brand impact for your real estate business.

Rich Features Available with Instagram Ads

Here are a few of the great features you can now employ with Instagram ads to make your real estate post more engaging.

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Carousel of Photos: 

Instagram has a feature where you can include a carousel of photos on one post.

This means that you can include multiple photos of a listing for the same post that an Instagram user can simply swipe through to see all the great features of a home you are selling instead of having to click onto a different Instagram post to see the same photos.

Call to Action Button:

Calls to action are important for real estate ads (or any ads for that matter), so Instagram added this feature, too.

If you have a Home Value Leads website, you can lead people to your landing page or if you don’t have one yet, direct users to your website.


You can target your ads much like you can with Facebook in order to pinpoint the right audience.

How To Do Real Estate Advertising Using Instagram Ads

Instagram was acquired by Facebook a while back, which makes it easier for you to create ads through your Facebook page.

You can use your Facebook Power Editor by clicking on “Instagram Ads” on the left-side menu, connecting your Instagram account or creating a new one on the same page then following the instructions to get started.

One of the great benefits of having Facebook and Instagram integrated is that you can show the same ads on both platforms.

Plus, you can target your Instagram ads the same way that you do your Facebook ads (with some limitations).

Making an Effective Instagram Ad

You can include either a photo, video or carousel of photos in your Instagram ad.

If you choose to go the route of just one photo, we suggest doing a multi-photo image that includes at most three photos: one with the main focal point being the front of the home and the others highlighting the top two features (a pool or a great peek into the main living area of the home, for example).

You can create a good multi-photo image simply on your phone by using any number of free collage apps like Pic Collage or Moldiv.

Keep the borders a simple white or black around each photo so that your photos stand out.

Since images are so important on Instagram, make sure you choose beautiful ones that are clear, bright and feature the home beautifully.

Nothing can ruin a good Instagram ad than a poorly shot photo that is too dark, too bright or does not highlight the home optimally.

In regards to text, keep it interesting and short. As with most social media audiences, they spend little time reading, so highlight what you can in the caption.

This means not listing every feature of the home as you would on a flyer but including a blurb such as “Perfect Lakewood home to host family get-togethers” or “An affordable oasis in the middle of Salt Lake City”.

Add hashtags like #LosAngelesRealEstate and #NewHome and #JustListed. You might include your own personal hashtags as well to create your own stream that others can follow.

If you have a Home Value Leads account and would like to push people to your HVL page, a great addition is a small banner on the photo that says “What is Your Home Worth?” then link the call to action button that says “Find Out Now” or “Learn More” linked to your page.

Don’t Give Up

If you don’t think Instagram ads will help your real estate business, at least give it a try and have some patience.

Like all platforms, in order to build a good following you must provide beautiful photos, great content and a mix of non-sales images.

Engagement is a major part of the Instagram algorithm to attract more users to your ad, so be sure yours is interesting, creative and informative.

Check your Instagram ad analytics often to determine what works best for you. With a little time and effort, you can start building your real estate brand effectively on Instagram and start seeing good leads in years to come.

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Renae Virata