5 More Strategies to Gain New Real Estate Clients

homevalueleads | February 6, 2019 | Real Estate Leads

One of the best ways to generate leads, one of the most powerful, is through referrals. In a recently published blog, 3 Ways Referrals Generate Leads, we talked about 3 powerful ways real estate agents like you can generate leads through referrals.

Asking customers for referrals, making sure people know what you do, and always providing the best in customer service can most definitely generate home sales leads. However, if real estate agents wish to take their lead generation to a whole new level, if they wish to find future clients beyond simply generating leads, they must employ strategies.

Next up in our strategy series are 5 more ways you can gain new clients.

5 More Ways to Gain New Clients

1. Provides seminars and/or workshops

People trust experts. The best way for you to get people to trust you, and, therefore, decide to go with you when they’re ready to sell their homes and upgrade, is to let everyone know you’re an expert.

Social media will only take you so far in this respect. Social media allows people to showcase their expertise, but it also allows people to lie. There’s always trepidation when it comes to social media posts.

It’s tough for people who run seminars and workshops to lie. It’s almost impossible, actually, which is why if you run a seminar about how to sell their home, or workshop about how people can build equity in their homes, you become the expert.

2. Host client events

Why not host events for your clients? Create networking events for past, present, and future clients. Asking your clients to give you referrals is one thing. Inviting past and current clients to an event that your hosting is another thing.

You won’t have to ask for referrals if you invite your past and current clients to your hosted networking event. They’ll refer you right away. Just make sure that you’ve got good relationships with any past and current clients you invite.

3. Consider direct mail marketing

We’re so used to doing things online that whenever we receive a piece of direct mail marketing nowadays, it doesn’t always go into the trash. You can’t just send out postcards, though. You must send out something of value. Keychains are great. So are branded pens.

If you wish to get super fancy, send a mug or something of even greater value than that. Once you’ve sent the initial gift, you can then follow-up with postcards every 3 months or so.

4. Pass out your business cards

No matter where you go, have enough business cards on hand so that you can pass them out to everyone you meet. You never know if the person behind the counter owns a home or not. We heard a story about a real estate agent who met a waiter who owned a really nice 4-bedroom house they were planning on selling.

Don’t profile because you could miss out on a massive opportunity. Always treat everyone with respect and hand out those business cards.

5. Make a goal and stick to it

How many clients do you wish to get into your database on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Find your goal and stick to it. What’s your goal? Meet 5 new people, 10, 20 per week? Meet 20 new people per week and put 5 potentials into the pipeline? Whatever the goal is, stick to it.

Generating leads is one of the most difficult things a real estate agent can do. Generating leads involves strategy. A few great strategies to gain new clients are to make goals and stick to them, pass out your business cards, consider direct mail marketing, host client events, and providing seminars and workshops.

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