5 More Ideas to Generate Real Estate Leads

homevalueleads | February 14, 2019 | Real Estate Leads

At Home Value Leads, we believe the key to success is always looking for leads and always maintaining leads. That’s why we follow up the word value in the name of our company with the word leads.

That’s also why even though we might discuss things in the real estate agent industry that have nothing to do with generating leads, we always go back to the main focus. We’re all about putting leads into the sales pipeline, maintaining those leads, and turning those leads into actual sales. 

Here are 5 More Ways to Generate Leads

1. Use Home Value Leads CRM

The Home Value Leads CRM allows real estate agents to organize their leads. But, that’s not all it does. It also provides email templates that real estate agents can use to nurture their leads along as well as a Facebook advertising process that should help you fill your leads pipeline until it’s ready to burst.

You mustn’t take our word for it. We offer a free trial to anyone who wishes to check us out. Take us up on our free trial, work the HVL CRM, and watch how easy it is to run your real estate agent business.  

2. LinkedIn Power

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and pretty much every other social media site in existence is designed not to help you sell homes. Only LinkedIn provides the tools you need to discover home sales leads.

When someone finds you on LinkedIn, they expect to know what you do for a living. Make no mistake, LinkedIn is about business professionals. Why wouldn’t someone who wants to sell a home look for an agent on LinkedIn?

Not only that, but on LinkedIn, you could find individuals looking to sell their home. Heck, search your list of connections and ask. You never know! 

3. Share What You Know with Potentials

Potentials want to know that you’re an expert. The best way for you to become an expert is to share what you know. How do you do this? You do this by sharing your information, your education, your expertise. Don’t worry. They won’t steal your secrets and give it to another real estate agent.

They just want to know they’re in good hands. Sharing what you know with them is the best way to do that.

4. Tie Hobbies into Lead Generation

Do you bowl in a league? Are you part of the PTA? Whatever your outside work hobbies are, it could even be something as simple as going to every college football game where you live, make sure to network and tie that hobby into lead generation. Consistently tell the people you sit next to at sporting events, or in your bowling league, who you are and what you do.

Stay top of mind. You’ll get the leads.   

5. Host Educational Events

Few things will paint you as a real estate agent with expertise as hosting educational events. Let friends, family, people you’ve met on the street, in on the secrets of real estate. You can even offer to help them come up with a game plan to sell their home.

Offer, don’t sell during these educational events. Remember, your providing education. When people believe you’re not selling, they’re more open to your inquiries.

It always goes back to lead generation. As a real estate agent, if you’re not generating leads, you could run into a brick wall. 5 more ideas to generate leads are to use the HVL CRM, jump on LinkedIn, share what you know with potentials, host educational events, and to tie what you do outside of work with lead generation.

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