5 Free Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas and 2 You Might Want to Shelve

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Only 3 years ago, real estate agents had success generating leads with pay-per-click. Since that time, real estate agents have dived into pay-per-click. It’s become saturated to the point where most real estate agents probably aren’t getting the same bang for their buck.

Agents can use other methods to generate leads. Sending things to past clients can generate leads because past clients know potential future clients.

Lead generation mustn’t be an impossible endeavor. See below for 5 ways that real estate agents can generate leads. They’re all cost-effective while maintaining today’s communication etiquette rules.

We also add a couple of lead generation methods that have fallen out of favor Those 2 methods used to be great ways to generate leads. They aren’t anymore. Don’t worry, we explain why.

5 Ways to Generate Leads

Email Signature on All Correspondences

Place a signature on every email correspondence. Make sure your signature offers some sort of call to action. For example, you could offer a home value report, a set of real estate statistics in the area, or you could even offer a conversation.

Be careful about sending email that could be construed as spam. The more specific to the person you send the email to, the better. If you wish to send a blanket email, hide phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Use blanket emails as an opportunity to present yourself as a real estate expert in the area.

Educate on Social Media

There’s a difference between selling on social media and being acceptable. Nobody on social media accepts sales people. That’s why even though there’s plenty of other ways for telemarketers to contact us, they still attempt to contact us via phone.

You can’t sell on social media. Don’t try. Instead, discuss who you are, what you do, and attempt to help where you can. When you offer your knowledge for free, knowledge that helps others, you become the go to person for those subjects.

Your subject, the real estate industry, happens to be your job. If you educate instead of selling on social media, you’ll put more people into your sphere of influence and generate more leads than you ever thought possible.  

Pay Attention to Your Open Houses

You mustn’t just target home buyers with your open houses. You can generate leads from people who walk into your open houses trying to get an idea of what their homes are worth.

Keep an iPad or laptop handy so you can show interested people what their home are worth. You might even set up a table with a sign, “Want to Know What Your Home’s Worth?” with your laptop already on your Home Value Leads site so they can check for themselves.

That way you can pay attention to potential home buyers while generating leads at the same time. If you set up the table, don’t forget to leave business cards and other marketing takeaways.

Get Involved in the Community

Co-op, local marketing’s the best way to entrench yourself in a community. Find a few local companies and strike up marketing deals with them. These win-win situations help you generate leads while putting money back into local businesses.

That’s a good thing for everyone involved. By supporting local businesses, you not only support yourself, you support potential clients, who doesn’t appreciate that?

Differentiate From Your Competition

Look for ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. Think about what you can leave at doorsteps, as an example, that potential leads might use. One real estate agent left an envelope with a piece of marketing material along with keychains. Some potential leads might throw the keychain away. Others might use the keychain.

Those that use the keychain see your information every day. Who knows? Even if they’re not ready to sell their home right now, they could be in the future. Almost as important? They might know someone who does wish to sell their home.

Small, useful things like keychains are great tools to remind potential leads of who you are, what you do, and how thoughtful you were without even knowing who they are. That’s all positive for you.

2 Ways to Generate Leads You Might Want to Shelve

Blogging Yourself

Not everyone has the writing ability to blog. Blogging takes time, effort, and money. If you want to blog, go for it! But, understand that many real estate agents have created blogs in the past few years. You might not get the attention you wish from your blog.

Because blogging takes time, you could end up spending too much time blogging instead of using other methods to generate leads. Also keep that in mind before starting a blog.

Knocking on Doors

Although more and more people do work from home, they’re, well, working from home. Nobody likes being disturbed while working. Not only that, but in today’s world, communication’s become less face-to-face. You could shock some potential leads by knocking on their doors.

You could also turn them off once they realize you’re a real estate agent. Spend more time creating unobtrusive marketing material that you can leave at doorsteps instead of knocking on doors.

Real estate agents must generate leads. Agents can use the 5 methods listed here to generate many more leads than they thought imaginable. Stick with it, and soon you’ll have more leads than you know what to do with!

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