3D Mailers Get More Attention – Try It!

Renae Virata | December 9, 2015 | Marketing

3D Mailers for Real Estate SuccessSo you’ve sent out hundreds and hundreds of postcards, letters and the like to boost your real estate business. How many responses from those mailers did you get out the many you’ve sent? Well, maybe it’s time to rethink your mailing strategy and at least try something new – like 3D mailers!

A 3D mailer is, quite simply, a physical item that you send to potential clients that trumps regular mail because it not only has length and width but also depth. Instead of being piled mercilessly with all the other mail waiting to go into the recycle bin, 3D mailers catch people’s attention and, by nature, avoids the dreaded mail stack.

It’s not that good old-fashioned mail doesn’t work or shouldn’t be done. With the right graphics and message, you can definitely get your point across in just a few dollars. But people become so overwhelmed by the amount of mail they receive that they often don’t take more than a few seconds to read what they receive, even if it’s something they requested! We’re all guilty of seeing something in the mail, especially unsolicited, taking a cursory glance at it, then moving on to the next, sometimes without even opening it.

You might be asking, Well, how much is all of this going to cost? Average 3D mailers for a first class send cost no more than $2.50 if you keep it to three ounces or less. You should definitely weigh everything or estimate how much each piece will weigh including any packaging and letters or postcards you include with it. Now, if you have a very targeted mailer going to a very specific group of people, it will be well worth it to send them as you know the right people (as discussed below) will feel your message the most.

Here are some steps to take to ensure that your next 3-step 3D mailer campaign is successful.

  1. Determine your target audience. It’s best to keep your focus on a particular group instead of sending out your 3D campaign to the regular, random list you might send postcards to. That way you can tailor your message specific to that group. Once you figure that out, determine the hard number of people to whom you are going to send your mailers. This could be expireds, a very specific demographic or a very specific neighborhood.
  2. Based on your budget, figure out what your three items will be. For example, you can do a postcard with a magnet, a stress ball and a mini trash can. You can try your local dollar store or a website like discountmugs.com or 4imprint.com to find hundreds of different items that you can use.
  3. Tailor your messaging to each item. For the magnet, send a message that says, “Stick with me when you need to sell your home.” For the stress ball, say, “Are you stressed that your home didn’t sell?” And for the mini trash can, you can include a note with, “Don’t Throw Away This Opportunity To Get Your House Sold.”
  4. Send something useful in your second or third mailing. This could be a home seller’s guide, your regular postcard or information on homes you just sold in the area.
  5. Time them well. After you send your first mailer, send out the second one a week later and the third one two weeks later to give it some time. Depending on your target group, you’ll want to be timely with what you send so that you don’t lose time after, say, their listing has expired.

So, what do you think? Do you have any 3D mailer ideas and best practices that have worked for you? What was the result?

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Renae Virata