3 Ways Referrals Generate Leads

homevalueleads | January 15, 2019 | Real Estate Leads

One of the blogs we recently published discusses the best ways to encourage social media engagement. Social media engagement can most definitely help real estate agents find leads.

But, it’s not the most effective method of generating leads. It’s definitely not as effective as generating leads via referrals. Referrals might be the best way that any real estate agent can generate leads. The reason? Referrals ensures interest. When someone refers you to someone else, you can be sure you’ll be taken seriously.

That makes most referred leads automatic hot leads. How can real estate agents generate leads via referrals? Check out 3 ways!

3 Ways to Generate Leads via Referrals

Ask Satisfied Customers for Referrals

Some real estate agents have become so adept at building their sphere of influences that their entire businesses are based on referrals. They don’t do much social media advertising even though they have a social media presence. They set up open houses, but they most definitely don’t go door-to-door.

How do agents start on the path to building a referral only based real estate agent business? They start by doing what’s easiest, asking satisfied customers if they know anybody who wishes to sell their home.

Before writing this off as being too aggressive, think about it this way:  don’t you tell your friends about the great restaurant you ate at last night? As customers we reward great work with shout outs. All you’re asking for is a shout out to a potential seller.

You’ll be surprised. Most of us find pleasure in helping others. If you did your job correctly as a real estate agent, your customers most definitely will help you, and their home selling friends, by referring those friends to you.

Always remember an old salesperson’s adage, “You can’t get the business if you don’t ask for the business.”

Make Sure People Know What You Do

Don’t be a blowhard about it, but you can’t get referrals, or find new customers if those individuals have no idea what you do. It’s necessary to have a social media presence, but social media alone won’t lead to more leads because every real estate agent you know and don’t know uses social media.

Word of mouth marketing is best because it involves individuals. If people don’t know what you do, if you enter the room at a party one of your clients throws and act like a flower on the wall, you won’t ever get a referral.  

Always Provide Excellent Service

Customer service rules every business. Even Jeff Bezos at Amazon knows this. Amazon provides much better customer service than the average tech company. You can reach an individual online via chat, through the phone, or via email.

Try to provide Amazon-like customer service as a real estate agent. You can’t go wrong by doing this. It might surprise you that many sellers and buyers decide to forego working with a specific real estate agent simply because they lacked excellent customer service.

Make sure that you do as much as you can within reason to help any seller or buyer you come across.

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