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Top Features that Every Real Estate Listing Website Should Have

Every real estate selling agent should have a website, but do you have the features that effectively gains your prospects’ trust, encourages buyers to get in touch and communicates everything about what you offer and how you do business? Is it easy to find information, navigate and use the tools you provide? If you’re not […]

Home Value Leads Feb 2nd, 2015

Best Practices For Building A Real Estate Marketing Program

Having a strong real estate marketing program is very important for real estate agents. Realtors who do not market themselves properly will not be able to bring in a sufficient number of new customers, which will cause their income to dry up. If you are interested in best practices for building a marketing program for […]

Home Value Leads Aug 6th, 2014

Postcards: Real Estate Lead Generation And Follow-Up

It is amazing how many agents have abandoned postcards as “old news” when they are so versatile and still work. Real estate postcards (and letters) are one of the few marketing techniques that can be utilized for lead capture, lead conversion, branding and continued follow-up. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity […]

Home Value Leads May 10th, 2014