Tip for Agents Who Hate Knocking on Doors

Renae Virata | March 8, 2017 | Marketing, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Tip for Agents Who Hate Knocking on DoorsOut of curiosity, I wondered just how some agents invest their time into actually knocking on doors. It sounds like an antiquated lead generation tactic, not to mention a ballsy one. After all, walking from house to house takes physical endurance. What’s more, having a conversation with tens or hundreds of different people takes some mental fortitude.

In my research, I came across a thread from AgentsOnline.net that intrigued me. One real estate agent mentioned his fear of knocking on doors. Yet he found a simple and effective way to help overcome that mental barrier. I thought it was definitely worth sharing here!

What’s the Barrier to Knocking on Doors?

Like most people, this agent dreaded it. He even went so far as to say he hates it (in BIG capital letters). Asking for business is just not many people’s bag. It can feel like incredible pressure to many to basically solicit someone you don’t know.

What’s the Solution?

Simply put: Don’t ask for any business at all!

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The agent came up with a situation that would incite interest in some if not most of the homeowners on his list. As part of a video for a potential listing nearby, the agent asked each one’s permission to possibly have their home included in a panning video of the neighborhood.

According to the agent, he could expect three answers: yes, no or a question.

The Results

Most homeowners said they were fine with the filming. For these, he would let them know in more detail what he would be filming and why. More questions would abound, of course, which really got a natural conversation started.

An additional conversation mover includes asking the homeowner for his or her opinion about what else he should include in his listing video to make the neighborhood more appealing to prospective buyers.

He closes with a hearty “thanks” for allowing him to help make the homes in the neighborhood more marketable. In this agent’s eyes, most people are surprised as they think that all agent’s go this extra mile. It only highlights how he is different from (and a little better than) other agents!

Why It Works

It might seem obvious why this works, but let’s break it down.

First, getting over your fear of knocking on doors is priceless. If that was your barrier to this proven marketing technique, then this is a great option.

Second, your purpose for knocking on the door is, well, purposeful. People’s guard will be much lower when you are not trying to sell them on you or your services outright.

Third, it’s efficient. You have the same opening line, so the same potential streams of conversation.

You could, however, end up with many different results, some of which, we hope, end up in a listing!


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Renae Virata