Thanksgiving Marketing Idea: Winterize Your Home

Renae | November 7, 2016 | Marketing

Thanksgiving Marketing Idea: Winterize Your HomeThanksgiving is just around the corner. So instead of sending out the same old Turkey Day content, provide some useful and timely information that your clients can use: how to winterize their homes. Most people are familiar with the term but don’t know where to start. You can be a resource to both leads and clients by sharing this across all of your marketing channels.

Blog about How to Winterize Your Home

The best place to begin with this particular campaign is to write about it on your blog. This is where anything and everything about winterization can live and from which all the bits that you’ll push out to social media and newsletters, for example, can be taken.

It’s important to start with a good introduction. Feel free to put the post in your own voice. Follow with a solid list of ways to winterize a home. Depending on your style, you can bullet each one with a sentence or two with an explanation or create a heading for each one and go into more detail in paragraphs.

Be sure to include at least one good photo for every tip. Free stock photo sites like and have gorgeously shot images. You can also pay as low as $1 on for even more variety and selection.

Highlight It in Your Newsletter

There’s only so much room in your newsletter, so gather your information into just bullet points. If it’s an email blast, simply include a link and a call to action to learn more. If it’s a print newsletter, you might go ahead and repeat the article on the front.

Break Out the Info on Social Media

If you are a frequent poster on Facebook, for example, this is the perfect way to have more content for posts. Every few days, highlight a tip and include a corresponding photo. For more engagement, add more personality with a question or pose the tip in a comical way. You can use any number of memes to illustrate what you don’t want to result if you don’t do “X” to winterize your home, for example. Get creative!

Go Postal

You planned to send a Thanksgiving greeting anyway, right? Why not send this on a postcard to leads and clients? It’s the perfect medium to use as a checklist. As they continually go down the list or share this with family and friends, your name and business will go right along with it.

Providing advice like this to your leads and clients is a fresh way to stand out from the competition and position you as a trusted resource this holiday season. By repurposing tips on how to winterize a home across your different marketing channels, you can reach and connect more with a wider audience in a timely way.

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