Real Estate Virtual Staging Explained

homevalueleads | February 20, 2019 | Marketing

One of the things we really believe in here at Home Value Leads is using your real estate agent marketing umbrella for protection. You never know when it’s going to rain. Your marketing umbrella, especially the social media aspect of your umbrella, can keep you dry when the rain comes pouring down.

By that, we mean you control the message with brilliant marketing. One piece of marketing that you can use to control that message is real estate virtual staging marketing. We know we’re getting granular here, but it’s important to understand what real estate virtual staging is.

Once we get a grasp of what it is, we can think in terms of virtual staging software.

Home Staging:  A Refresher

 Most real estate agents know plenty about home staging. Home staging’s become an art. Real estate agents that are really good at it create the perfect flow throughout a home that not only paints an overall picture, but also shows potential home buyers the potential in each specific room.

The art of home staging leads to more and bigger sales because potential home buyers not only see what a home could potentially look like, they see themselves moving throughout the home. They can actually see what it’s like to move from one part of the home, from one room of the home to another.

That’s real estate agent power.

But, there’s a downside. Home staging can cost a ton of money. Not only must a real estate agent come up with a game plan, but they must also shell out the cost to move any specific furniture into the home. If real estate agents want to get really fancy, they’ll even move art into and out of the home. That costs even more because many art pieces require insurance.

To combat this idea, software companies have created real estate agent software that allows agents to virtually stage a home. Virtual staging has become more and more prevalent. It’s so prevalent in fact that we’re going to spend some time on the Home Value Leads Blog discussing virtual staging software, comparing different software, and just giving you as much information as possible so that you can decide on your own whether you wish to virtually stage the homes you’re selling.

Virtual Staging Explained

It is all about the software, but it’s more than just the software. Virtual staging is cheaper than home staging. It allows real estate agents to virtually stage a home. When you stage a home, when you put specific furniture, art on the walls, plants, etc., you make a home look more attractive to potential buyers

Virtual staging allows you to do all of that online. You mustn’t spring for the cost of furniture, moving furniture, cleaning the home, putting in plants, live or not, or doing anything else to the home to get it ready to show.

Virtual staging has revolutionized the real estate agent industry because it’s allowed agents to do everything they’d do during the home staging process via the internet. That saves real estate agents money and adds to their marketing umbrella.

How? They can choose whichever couch, coffee table, and towels in the bathroom they wish to add to the home. Nothing depends on cost. The only cost is software.

We’ll get to that later. Now that you know what virtual staging is, let’s turn our attention to virtual staging do’s and don’ts. You’ll read all about it in the next Home Value Leads blog.

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