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Don’t Sell, Educate…As Much as You Can

In our blog about hard selling and soft selling, we discussed that although the real estate agent industry frowns on hard selling, sometimes hard selling is what’s best for both the agent and the client. Hard selling isn’t always taboo. One of the reasons why hard selling isn’t taboo is because hard selling could lead […]

homevalueleads May 22nd, 2018

Real Estate Agent Advice:  Why You Must Convince Sellers on List Price

Having the right attitude can most definitely help you become a better real estate agent. Nobody, sellers or buyers, likes to work with someone who has a bad attitude. As with everything, having the right attitude isn’t something that exists in a vacuum, though. The reason we bring up attitude before getting into why you […]

homevalueleads May 15th, 2018

Think You Don’t Need a Professional Headshot? Think Again!

There are so many things that real estate agents must consider when they first meet a potential client. Providing a great first impression is necessary because it allows you to lay the framework for a working relationship with the client. It’s also important to communicate the right way. Some clients prefer text messages. Other clients […]

homevalueleads Apr 19th, 2018

Real Estate Agent Messaging: Never Forget the Follow-Up Message

We wrote a blog about a week ago that discussed the virtues of a great first impression. Although our lives have become more digital than ever, making a great in-person first impression is still a wonderful way to put your best foot forward. A first impression can only be made once. It’s important that you, […]

homevalueleads Apr 17th, 2018

Texting Works…But, Don’t Forget About Your Emails

Last week we wrote about how helping people was one of the reasons you wanted to become a real estate agent. Because texting is immediate, it provides a level of customer service, which in turn helps people, that email can’t. Although that’s true, it doesn’t mean that agents shouldn’t email clients. In fact, in some […]

homevalueleads Apr 5th, 2018

Real Estate Agent Messaging: Yes, First Impressions Are Still That Important

In one of our blogs from last week, we highlighted how you can be the best real estate agent you can possibly be. We discussed three sets of skills: leadership skills, communication skills, and social relationship skills. Another thing that’s important for real estate agents is to provide a great first impression. Giving a great […]

homevalueleads Apr 3rd, 2018

3 Skills to Be the Best Real Estate Agent You Can Be

Not everyone has the necessary skills to become a real estate agent. Being a real estate agent isn’t just about selling houses or finding houses for buyers. There’s a lot more that goes into being a real estate agent then just passing a test and getting a license. The very best real estate agents develop […]

homevalueleads Mar 27th, 2018

Prepping for a Busy Spring

You’ve just come off the holidays. So now what? The long winter months ahead don’t seem like they will yield much in the way of listings or even showings. But that doesn’t mean this slower time of the year has to be unproductive! It’s the perfect opportunity to prepare for a busy spring. How many […]

Renae Mar 23rd, 2018

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing for Real Estate

We recently wrote a post that extolled the virtues of and provided tips on traditional marketing for real estate agents. We felt that it was an important topic to cover as many agents tend to move all of their time, focus and funds toward the digital. While digital is certainly an important piece of the […]

Renae Mar 8th, 2018

How Agents Can Become Local Thought Leaders

Does the term “thought leader” conjure up images of political pundits or experts sitting on the upper echelons of higher education? Well, strike that image from your mind, because, YOU as an agent can be a thought leader in your own right, too! By definition, a thought leader is someone who has a view that […]

Renae Feb 13th, 2018