NLP Real Estate (Neuro-linguistic programming): Powerful Sales Tool

Rita Akekelwa | November 7, 2022 | Best Practices

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Neuro-linguistic programming in Real Estate

The real estate world is a dog-eat-dog industry. If you want to succeed and make it to the top, you’ll need all the tools you can get. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is neuro-linguistic programming or NLP.

NLP may sound very complex, but it is a simple process that involves altering how we think and behave to reach our goals. We can train our brains to control our actions and thoughts because our behavior, language, and neurological processes are interconnected.

NLP has to do with how the brain reacts to different communication. There are techniques that you, as a real estate agent, can apply to ensure that you get a “Yes” answer.

This is an indispensable tool for those uncertain clients who need a little bit of extra encouragement to close the deal. This is where your NLP script will come in and help you seal the deal.

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NLP is to do with how we say what we say. It doesn’t matter what you say or how you come across it. How you deliver the content of your sentence will get you results.

A good real estate agent has excellent powers of persuasion. NLP helps you hone and sharpen those skills and, even more, teaches you to use NLP scripts to improve and perfect your non-verbal communication skills.

Further in this article, we’ll dive in and learn a little more about real estate NLP scripts. You will learn how to:

  1. Hone your persuasive skills
  2. Speak the sales language
  3. Use different techniques

There is nothing more frustrating than having a client who is happy with everything but too nervous to seal the deal. This is where you have to work your magic using your NLP tools.

NLP allows you to develop good relationships with prospects and build client trust. NLP allows you to close more deals at the end of the day. The real estate business is about people and houses.

Therefore, if you understand how to communicate correctly, you stand a much better chance of closing a deal.

The real estate industry is primarily based on trust. Your client trusts you to furnish them with the correct information. They trust that you have their best interests and that you have spoken the truth about the properties you have shown.

Your client must be secure in the knowledge that no hidden monkeys will pop out of the woodwork as soon as the papers are signed.

NLP is used to identify what causes prospects to trust and distrust. It teaches you to look at the big picture and examine how your actions and words influence the buyer or seller leads, as the case may be.

Prospecting Tips Using NLP

Here are some fantastic prospecting tips using NLP. Let’s dive in and look at some of the best sales techniques when using NLP:

1. Body language and mirroring communication

It’s an interesting fact that copying the buyer’s gestures and mannerisms builds camaraderie and trust. There is a fine line to walk, though. If you mirror their behavior too closely, it can make them feel suspicious, so be careful not to overdo it.

Tips for successful mirroring:

  • Maintain eye contact
  • Mimic posture
  • Use their favorite phrases
  • Match their volume

2. Emotional anchoring

Try to tie your product to a specific, positive emotional response. For example, impressing colleagues with a home in a sought-after area. Encourage the buyer to imagine the reaction of their boss and co-workers on seeing them in their (the buyer’s) new home for the first time.

Creating an intensely positive association with the prospect gives you a much higher chance of closing the deal.

3. NLP sales phrases

NLP uses “power” words to induce certain desired emotions in customers. There are specific sales phrases used to create the sought-after emotion, for example:

  • To inspire curiosity – ‘imagine,’ ‘revealed,’ ‘finally’
  • To inspire positivity – ‘refresh,’ ‘happy,’ ‘success’
  • To inspire trust – ‘guarantee,’ ‘proven,’ ‘endorsed’
  • For urgency – ‘limited time,’ ‘deadline,’ ‘urgent’

4. The Downswing

Your vocal tonality is far more critical than you may realize. If you make a statement, avoid using an upswing voice pattern. People typically do this towards the end of a statement, where their tone rises when uttering a specific word.

This makes you feel unsure of yourself and doesn’t inspire confidence. The buyer’s questions should be answered using a downswing pattern in your voice.

This will make you sound more confident and make your prospect feel secure about what you tell them.

5. Embedded Commands

Embedded commands do not stand on their own. They are hidden in the text of other sentences. Use d downswing when vocalizing the embedded commands, and remember that the more often you repeat the embedded command, the more influence it will have on your prospect.

6. The Swish Pattern

This is one of the more challenging techniques of NLP that involves changing the prospect’s pre-conceived ideas. Sometimes, this means identifying notions that the buyer is not even aware that they have.

These can include deeply ingrained prejudices, so you must practice persuasion skills. The most important thing to remember about NLP is practice, practice, and more practice!

NLP real estate scripts

The whole aim of a real estate script is to get a “Yes.” Whether it be a “yes” to listing their house with you, a “yes” to closing a sales deal, or even just a “yes” to agreeing to an appointment. It would help if you connected with the prospect to ply your trade.

NLP scripts are designed to gain the prospect’s trust and open communication channels so deals can be put forward, discussed, and signed.

The secret to learning NLP scripts is simple. It’s practice, practice, and more practice!

So, we have learned that NLP is a language of the brain that can be used to persuade people by interpreting their non-verbal cues and mirroring their mannerisms. If you want to create a relationship with your client and establish a rapport that will enable you to close deals and get “Yes” answers, then you need NLP.

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