How to Get Buyer Leads for Real Estate

Rita Akekelwa | April 30, 2019 | Real Estate Leads

One of our blogs discusses ways real estate agents can convert online leads into actual customers. Some of the ways we discuss that will help agents convert more leads is to share their knowledge and communicate their expertise. Those are two excellent ways to convert online leads, but online leads are often seller leads. What happens if you wish to convert buyer leads?

Buyer leads are different than seller leads. At Home Value Leads, we preach home seller leads because the more inventory you have access to as a real estate agent, the more likely you are to find a buyer. If you have homes to sell, buyers will come.

That doesn’t mean that you mustn’t pay attention to buyer leads, though. In fact, buyer leads can be just as important as seller leads depending on the state of the housing market. If there are more homes to sell than buyers to buy them, it becomes extremely important to generate buyer leads.

Like any business, you want to turn over your inventory as quickly as possible. The only way a real estate agent turns over his or her inventory is to sell homes. Finding buyers to purchase your homes is the best way to do that in a real estate buyer’s market.

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With that in mind, check out some ways you can generate buyer leads.

5 Ways Real Estate Agent’s Generate Buyer Leads

1. Go local

There’s a reason Zillow has so much success. All you must do to find out their method is to put Zillow + any zip code into Google. You can’t compete with Zillow, but you can use Zillow’s success to help you find buyer leads.

The way to do this is to first understand that Zillow’s about local. The zip code in the above example link is a specific zip code for a part of Glendale, CA. Zillow’s all about broadcasting homes for sale to local buyers. Makes sense, right?

What you must do to capitalize on this is to go local yourself. You should get as involved in the neighborhoods in which you operate as much as possible. That includes building community pages on your site as well as getting involved in local social media groups. By doing so, you’ll not only generate more seller leads, but your houses will show up on Zillow searches, thereby, generating buyer leads.

2. Keep up on mortgage trends and data

A great way to generate buyer leads is to make yourself an expert. Although you already are an expert, your competition, other real estate agents, are also experts. Make sure that any piece of data on your site, or any data at all that you spread through social media, or anything else, is as rock solid as possible.

The best way to prevent yourself from generating buyer lists is to purport something is true when it’s not. You might want to even post daily mortgage rates on your site and then talk about the posting every morning on social media. That should gain you some attention.

3. Run a home buying seminar for free

This is a great one. Try to find a list of apartment dwellers in the neighborhood. Send out an invite to a home buying seminar. Make sure you’ve got the inventory for those apartment dwellers just in case they’re ready to buy. You’ll be surprised that how with some education, especially pointing out the long-term cost of staying in an apartment as opposed to owning, you can turn apartment dwellers into future home buyers.

Even if those individuals who live in apartments don’t have the necessary funds right now, you can put them on your buyers list. You can even go through their finances with them to determine if they’re able to purchase now or help them determine when they might be able to purchase. By doing so, you’ve made a contact for life, also remember to keep a follow up plan.

Not only that, but word of mouth is still the best, most successful way to gain real estate customers. What’s better word of mouth than helping someone who isn’t yet ready to buy? 

4. Invite people on your list, or via social media, to an open house

Hopefully, you’ve built your home sales inventory. If you have, why not invite everyone to an open house? If you do this method, it’s important to set up a couple of fold out tables with chairs and laptops.

The first laptop will be open to Zillow so that those looking for their home cost can check and see how much their home is worth. It’s important that you pay attention to these potential customers so that you can generate seller leads, also following this lead generation ideas.

The second laptop should be open to your site page that lists all the homes you have for sale. The individuals looking on the second laptop could end up on your buyers lead list. Make sure that you pay attention, as much as possible, to both laptop viewing groups. Consider bringing in someone to attend to the laptop viewers while you show the home.

5. Use the HVL Solution to Find Home Sellers or Those Looking to Sell Their Homes

Although the Home Value Leads Solution is seller lead focused, real estate agents can utilize the Home Value Leads features to find home sellers. Home sellers most definitely must look to move into new homes. It doesn’t take much to generate buyers leads from a list of home sellers.

Once you’ve got your list, call these home sellers and ask them what their buyer needs are. Are they looking to upgrade from their current home? Do they wish to downgrade because they’re having trouble paying their current home’s mortgage? Not all home sellers are the same. It helps to make a phone call, use your emotional intelligence, and figure out if there’s anything in your inventory that can help these individuals.  

The HVL Features is a great place to start for you to generate buyer leads, . If you utilize the other four methods here along with the HVL Features, you’ll generate more buyer leads than you ever dreamed of generating.

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