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Home Value Leads | May 10, 2014 | Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

It is amazing how many agents have abandoned postcards as “old news” when they are so versatile and still work.

Real estate postcards (and letters) are one of the few marketing techniques that can be utilized for lead capture, lead conversion, branding and continued follow-up.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity and its success (or failure) lies squarely on the sender.

Just Listed Postcards

Traditionally, agents have sent out real estate postcards regarding their newest listing or sale. These are great ways to brand yourself, but are you using them effectively? Are you creating need, desire, or motivation with them?

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For example, rather than giving all of the details of the property (especially the price), why not provide a link to a single property website or IDX page with instant registration required? Or better yet, let old school meet new school by having a link to your custom video virtual tour.

Just Sold Postcards

Congrats on selling the home. Don’t use your postcard to pat yourself on the back though, because the people you are sending to don’t care that you sold another home.

Instead, use your postcard to build curiosity and desire. Direct them to your seller leads generation website and offer a free home value report. If the home got multiple offers, talk about it. 25 showings on your first weekend? Talk about it. Sold for over asking price? Talk about it.

This is information that shows massive demand and it is information that can’t be found on some website.

Farming Postcards

Farming still works. It is a method of subliminal advertising because if they constantly see your marketing, they automatically think you are doing well in their neighborhood, even if you have never had a listing there.

Monthly market reports, updates, and current listings are great things to send to a farm area.

Home Valuation Offers

While we may be a bit biased here, postcards are a great way to advertise home valuation sites. Don’t try to close a sale through your postcard. Instead, keep your message short, sweet, and to the point.

You are offering a service to them and giving them information that they want. You don’t need to sell that; it sells itself.

Sponsor Neighborhood Events

Offer to advertise neighborhood events such as garage sales, holiday parties, block parties, or other activities.

Not only will people begin to associate your name with neighborhood activities, but they will start looking to you for information on the neighborhood… like property values.

Real estate postcards are still a very viable method of marketing, lead follow up, and lead generation for real estate agents.

Don’t abandon them simply because email is cheaper. There is certainly something to be said for having someone physically holding something from you.

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